Advantest has launched a unique AI-powered software solution to accelerate productivity improvement throughout IC engineering and production.

Advantest America, Inc.
Advantest America, Inc.

An easy-to-use tool that automates the analysis of yield issues, reducing engineers’ workloads and speeding up debugging time

TOKYO, Nov. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857), a leading supplier of semiconductor testing equipment (TSE: 6857), introduces a new productivity-improving solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate identification of root causes of yield loss. And increase the efficiency of analysis of test results. Advantest Cloud Solutions Engineering AI’s innovative and scalable yield optimization software (ACS EASY™) can increase the productivity of both hardware engineering and production processes for a wide range of users, from chip designers to external semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) companies.

Device yields are key performance indicators in semiconductor production, and require continuous engineering efforts for debugging and tuning. The unique ACS EASY application uses artificial intelligence to automatically monitor test conditions and inferences to isolate and analyze the causes of yield deterioration. This resolves production issues in a timely manner, reduces troubleshooting time and significantly reduces test workloads for data analytics.

ACS EASY is able to handle massive amounts of data to compare new block test results with previous test results to quickly identify abnormal fund trends. The solution’s graphical user interface makes it easy to share test results online, eliminating the need to create separate reports. Moreover, the ACS EASY system is easy to use and does not require operators to be familiar with artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, or statistics.

A leading Advantest customer evaluated ACS EASY’s ability to automatically analyze data from the test floor, a task that used to consume 100 engineering hours per day. The new system reduced the time needed to identify causes of crop impact by 80 percent and successfully detected multiple previously overlooked yield problems and causes.

ACS EASY uses self-directive learning to classify new productivity issues for future monitoring and analysis. This expands the system’s stored knowledge base, allowing inference applications to deliver larger values.

“It has long been expected that the use of artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics will allow IC testers to make great strides forward. Now is the time with ACS EASY, a low-cost system that is easy to install and easy to use, allowing test engineers to master data without having to data scientists,” said Titan Zhang, executive vice president of Advantest Field Service Group.

ACS EASY will soon be available on Advantest Cloud Solutions‘ website.

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Advantest (TSE: 6857) is the leading manufacturer of automated test and measurement equipment used in the design and production of semiconductors for applications including 5G communications, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, and high-performance computing (HPC) including artificial intelligence (AI). ), machine learning, and more. Its leading systems and products are integrated into the world’s most advanced semiconductor production lines. The company also conducts research and development to meet emerging testing and application challenges; Develops advanced test interface solutions for wafer sorting and final testing; It produces the scanning electron microscopes necessary for the fabrication of the photomask; System-wide test solutions and other test-related accessories are offered. Founded in Tokyo in 1954, Advantest is a global company with facilities around the world and an international commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility. More information is available at

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