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Do the math: Students get access to digital learning tools

Posted at 5:19 am Tue Nov 22 2022

Calcasieu Parish School Board has been added to the ST Math and Phillips 66 Lake Charles Manufacturing Complex Scholarship Program.

Through their partnership, four Calcasieu Parish-Western Heights elementary schools, Kauffman, Ralph F. Wilson, and Dequincy Elementary Schools – will have full site access to the ST Math program.

ST Math has been described as “an educational program that enhances the brain’s innate ability for spatial and temporal reasoning to solve mathematical problems”. Its exclusive approach creates equality in mathematics education by giving students every opportunity to learn state math standards through puzzles, non-routine problem-solving, and explanatory feedback.

The digital tool allows for the improvement of STEM education by providing a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

The organization has partnered with the Mind Research Institute since 2013 to bring ST Math to schools across the country — including schools in Texas, Louisiana, Washington, California, Illinois, Oklahoma, Montana and New Jersey, said Megan Hartmann, director of public relations for Phillips 66.

She explained that the benefits of ST Math are clear. “The program has had a positive impact in the schools we have sponsored, and we often receive requests to sponsor the program in additional schools in the area or surrounding areas,” she explained. “Prior to COVID-19, schools that used ST Math outperformed comparable schools in the statewide rankings by 14 percentage points… After 3 years of implementation, the shift in math culture has been so profound that one campus has shifted from being at risk from before state to earn the region’s highest third-grade math score.”

According to Dr. Jill Portey, Managing Director of CPSB Elementary School, this program provides room for success for students of all levels of learning. “ST Math gives students a personal journey that allows them the time they need to achieve mastery and provides them with the essential knowledge to solve unfamiliar math problems in the future,” she said. “We are excited about the opportunity to explore ST Math and look forward to the growth that will occur at Calcasieu.”

“ST Math has proven to be scalable and scalable, so we’re excited to be able to put it to work in Calcasieu Parish,” said Scott Tyler, general manager of Phillips 66.

CPSB has chosen to implement ST Math in schools with more students who speak English as a second language, according to Hartmann. “This program is comprehensive and benefits every level of student regardless of their first language, whether they are struggling and want to become proficient or students seeking advancement,” she explained. “ST Math removes any barriers.”

Phillips 66 donated $144,000 to financially support the CPSB. This donation will fund the operation of the program for 3 years, as well as provide ongoing professional training, personalized curriculum support, and 24/7 access to educational resources.

Hartmann stated that this funding is an investment in the future workforce. “Philips 66 invests in education because we believe that literacy and workforce readiness are the foundation for individual achievement and our economic future,” she said. “We want to build a more diverse and equitable STEM workforce, so we seek and support academic training and educational opportunities.”

There are 6 Action Items in the ST Math Roadmap: Implementation, Progress Monitoring, Professional Learning, Administrator Review, Goal Setting, and Family Involvement. These items will occur over a period of 3 years in a row.

There are plans to expand the program to other schools in the coming years.

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