Growth in emerging print electronic applications is driving growth

IDTechEx’s newly released report “Conductive Ink Markets 2023-2033” comprehensively explores this core material technology that underpins both photovoltaics and the emerging field of printed electronics. Based on interviews with more than 30 companies, the report assesses the market for each of the eight different types of inks across 15 different applications. Types of conductive inks include silver foil-based, silver nanoparticle-based, copper, stretchable/thermoformable, and particle-free, while applications include photovoltaics, multiple types of printed sensors, flexible hybrid electronics (FHE), and electronics within Template (IME), and RFID/Smart Packaging. This detailed segmentation provides 39 distinct lines of forecasting, which provides a clear picture of the market situation for each type of ink and future opportunities. The overall market is currently valued at US$2.7 billion and expected to grow to US$4.5 billion by 2033, with all of this growth coming from emerging applications via printed/flexible/wearable electronics rather than silicon photovoltaics.

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