High School Basketball: Michael O’Brien’s Notebook

What a start to the season. It’s generally not a good idea to take a lot out of the first week, teams are just starting to find their footing and there’s clearly a really long way to go.

But tonight’s clash between Young and Kenwood wasn’t a half-empty Thanksgiving tournament. There are a few things worth noting that didn’t make the game’s story.

Kenwood student Noah Mister will be contributing immediately this season. He’s composed, ready, and can shoot it. He scored five points in the third quarter.

“Noah Mister is big time,” Broncos coach Mike Irvin said. “He came in and made his presence felt. He’s the best freshman in the state.”

Young will have no problem recovering. The Dolphins are smaller than most elite teams in the region, but 6-7 Daniel Johnson, who has spent most of the last two seasons on the wing, stepped in and made an immediate impact on the boards. The entire Young team rebounded well, especially youngster Sean Brown, who was strong in many phases of the game.

Young coach Tyrone Slaughter has been the driving force behind these major season openers in the past few years. It’s a great idea that changed the feel of basketball this Thanksgiving week. The McGrath-Phillips Arena was packed with students, which provided a great atmosphere. I did well.

Monday’s best games

Hyde Park 64 Lincoln Park 57: This was DePaul’s first match. Cam Williford scored 20 points, Damrion Morris 16, and Jorel Baldwin added 11 for the Thunderbirds.

Curie 84, Farragut 67: Chikasi Ofuma scored 20 goals and Carlos Harris filled the stat list with 14 points, seven rebounds and three assists.

Romeoville 83, Plainfield Central 55: Ranked Spartans open strong. Troy Cicero scored 13 points, four assists and five rebounds, and Mew Swansea added 12 points.

Oak Lawn 74, Bremen 57: This is a team that didn’t get a lot of interest before the start of the season and I’m interested in it. Ayham Salah scored 18 goals, and the transfer of Marist Xavier Suleiman added 16.

Crystal Lake South 54, Marian Central 51: Cooper Lepage, a Northern Michigan recruit, is a player who hasn’t gotten enough attention in the notebooks. That will change this season. Lepage had 26 points and 11 rebounds for the Gators.

Lemont 66, Minooka 39: Don’t expect Lemont to go away just because Nojus Indrusaitis is gone. The Castillo twins are serious. Matas had 20 points, seven assists and four steals, and Rocas added eight.

Homewood-Flossmoor 63, Rich 57 OT: Oh my he went to overtime. New HF coach Jamere Dismukes gives a shout out to his old school, Lou Adams. Carson Brownfield led the Vikings with 18 goals and Vincent Davis scored 15. The Summer Boers scored 17 for the Raptors.

Lindblom 62, Stagg 55: JeShawn Stevenson is another player we’ll be watching closely all year. Young led the way with 24 points, six rebounds, four assists and three blocks. Quentin McCoy added 15 points and seven assists. They are both young.

Momines 54, Grant Park 43: Underrated guard James Stephenson Jr. finished with 24 points, eight rebounds and four blocks, and Cody Bertram added 17 points.

Views – Command 78, Shepherd 29: You haven’t played all the transfers. I’ll have to check that out later this week. But the Cobb brothers led the way to victory .. Gianni scored 23 and KJ added 15.

Glenbard West 53, Glenbard South: I haven’t seen any stats from this, but we’ll probably keep tracking the Hilltoppers until they finally lose to an in-state team. It’s been a long time.

West Aurora 73, Oswego 66: The Panthers show some spark. Southwest Prairie has got to be one of the most interesting conferences in the region this season.

Marist 51, Andrew 40: A solid win for a really young team. Kishon Faval scored 23 in the Romeoville deal, while freshman Stephen Brown scored nine.

Hinsdale Central 50, Naperville North 48: Ben Oosterbahn scored 19 goals in one of the closest matches of the night.

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