If you received mail from the California Department of Public Health with the words “Prenatal Screening Program” in envelope with a plastic window from 7/16/2015

Announced by CPT Group, Inc.

Irvine, California.And the November 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CPT Group, Inc. announces: An approved class action lawsuit is now called pending Jonay M. Harky Kirk v. California Department of Public Health, Sacramento Superior Court Case No. 34-2019-00260616 (“Proceeding”).

what the subject is about? Plaintiff alleges that Defendant disclosed sensitive and private personal medical information specifically relating to Plaintiff’s pregnancy and class members by sending correspondence in an envelope with a plastic window large enough to display the recipient’s name and address, as well as the sender’s name, prenatal screening program, and address in upper left corner. The plaintiff further alleges that the conduct of the defendants violated Article 56 of the Civil Code (CMIA). Defendant denies liability for Plaintiff’s CMIA cause of action.

Who is affected? All persons enrolled as patients in Respondent’s prenatal screening program who are mailed to the United States by Respondent, California Department of Public Health with an address driver containing the words “Prenatal Screening Program” in an envelope with a plastic window at any time from July 16, 2015 July 16, 2019 (“Chapter”).

What are the options? You can do nothing and remain a member of the class or disqualify yourself.

Do not do anything: If you enter within the definition of a class, you will automatically be included in the class unless you choose to exclude yourself from the class in accordance with the procedures described below. If you wish to remain in class, you do not need to take any action at this time.

exclude yourself: If you do not wish to participate in this proceeding, you may exclude yourself by “opting out”. By choosing to withdraw from this litigation, you will not receive the benefits of any judgment or settlement in this class action, and you will not be bound by any decision in this action in favor of the defendant. You must complete and submit the “Request to Exclusion” form available at www.pregnancyscreeningprivacylawsuit.com or by mailing your request to the Notification Officer at January 25, 2023.

For details about your rights, options, and how to disqualify or object, go to www.pregnancyscreeningprivacylawsuit.com.

How do I get more information? For more information and to view the full Notice, go to www.pregnancyscreeningprivacylawsuit.com, or contact the Notice Administrator by calling toll free 1- (833) 874-0823.

Please do not contact the court or court clerk’s office

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