inside or outside? Whether or not UCF appears in the college football game means a lot to Tulane | Tulane

The American Athletic Conference’s assistant commissioner for communications, Chuck Sullivan, explained that the tiebreaker would make Tuesday night’s college football playoff seedings relevant to Tulane’s championship game hopes.

Of course, there is nothing complicated if Wave (9-2, 6-1) beat Cincinnati (9-2, 6-1) on Friday. Tulane would win the regular season title outright and host the championship game.

But if UCF (8-3, 5-2) appears anywhere in the top 25 when the rankings are revealed Tuesday night starting at 6 p.m. on ESPN, the Tulane-Cincinnati loser will be disqualified from being considered for the championship game unless the Knights fall 1-1. 10 South Florida on Saturday. Sullivan referred to Rule 7.5.3 of the tiebreaker procedure, which reads: “If there are multiple tied teams ranked in the most recent rankings available to the CFP Selection Committee, the highest-ranked team or teams win over At the end of the last weekend of the regular season, the conference participants will be in the championship game.

UCF, who was 19th last week before losing at home to Navy, will fit that criteria if they stay in 25th and go on to beat South Florida.

If UCF falls out of the top 25, this rule does not apply. In this case, if Houston (7-4, 5-2) beats Tulsa at home as predicted Saturday, and the California Union beats South Florida, resulting in a three-way tie between loser Tulane and Cincinnati, and Houston and the California Union, Sullivan said . The tiebreaker would be rule 7.5.4, which states that a tie is broken by the average of their placement in four computer rankings: Anderson, Hester, Billingsley, and Colewolf.

This would be good news for Tulane and Cincinnati and bad news for UCF. The Wave enters the weekend nine spots ahead of UCF and 21 spots ahead of Houston on average in PCs. UCF trails Cincinnati by an average of seven points, and likely won’t gain much ground by beating the last-place team in the AAC.

If Houston loses to Tulsa, the tiebreaker will be even more straightforward. UCF would be in over losing Tulane Cincinnati by beating South Florida because it beat both teams.

If UCF loses to South Florida, Houston beats Tulsa and Cincinnati beats Tulane, the Wave will win the tiebreaker with the Cougars based on their head-to-head score.

If the same scenario plays out on Saturday but Tulane beats Cincinnati, the Bearcats will almost certainly get a rematch with the Wave in New Orleans because they have a huge lead over Houston in the PC rankings.

All confusing scenarios come when head to head results, which take precedence over other bases, can’t break a tie. Neither UCF nor Cincinnati have ever played Houston.

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