Kentucky basketball freshman collegiate hoops ranking and top 25 poll

As expected, the Kentucky Wildcats are stuttering in the latest college basketball rankings.

An updated AP Top 25 poll dropped the Cats to No. 15 after previously scoring as low as No. 4. They fell to No. 13 in the most recent Top 25 Coaches Poll.

It’s still very early in the season to hit the panic button, but it’s becoming painfully clear that Kentucky isn’t a top 10 team right now.

Kentucky also fell out of the ESPN Power Rankings, which only ranks the top 16 teams, while Jeff Porcello had this publicity stunt about the Cats.

Kentucky’s dependence on Oscar Chipuis has been very evident this past week. The National Player of the Year came back from injury against Michigan State and was dominating off the bench, tallying 22 points and 18 rebounds—until he fouled the game and his team collapsed in the second overtime to lose. Chibue was then the only one to get off the bus in the first half against Gonzaga, tallying 14 points and seven rebounds in the opening period. By the time he got any help in the second half, the game was basically out of reach.

We are in North Florida.

  1. North Carolina (4-0)
  2. Houston (5-0) (7)
  3. Kansas (4-0)
  4. Texas (3-0) (1)
  5. Gonzaga (3-1)
  6. Virginia (4-0)
  7. Baylor (4-1)
  8. Creighton (4-0)
  9. Arkansas (3-0)
  10. Duke (3-1)
  11. Indiana (4-0)
  12. Arizona (3-0)
  13. Kentucky (3-2)
  14. Illinois (4-1)
  15. Michigan State (3-1)
  16. Auburn (4-0)
  17. UCLA (3-2)
  18. Alabama (4-0)
  19. San Diego State (3-0)
  20. Texas Tech (3-0)
  21. Tennessee (2-1)
  22. Ocon (5-0)
  23. Bordeaux (3-0)
  24. Iowa (3-0)
  25. Maryland (5-0)
  1. North Carolina
  2. Houston
  3. Kansas
  4. Texas
  5. Virginia
  6. Gonzaga
  7. Baylor
  8. duke
  9. Arkansas
  10. Creighton
  11. Indiana
  12. Michigan State
  13. Auburn
  14. Arizona
  15. Kentucky
  16. Illinois
  17. San Diego State
  18. Alabama
  19. University of California
  20. Okun
  21. Texas Tech
  22. Tennessee
  23. Maryland
  24. Bordeaux
  25. Yes

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