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Inflation and inversion may be in my mind too much

Disclosure: Last night I dreamed I took the family to Pizza Hut (my group text was talking about classic Pizza Hut last week so it was on my mind) and the final bill came to $947 and change. I remember specifically in this dream that for some reason I had three lemonades and was charged $300 in drinks. There were also all these weird charges on bills for things like employee health and welfare or something.

It was pure nightmare fuel. There I was thinking of eating and rushing because of that ridiculous bill.

What does it all mean?

I’m no researcher in this field, but I’ve obviously been thinking a lot about tipping—there have been 500 emails about it—and the golden days of Pizza Hut when it was considered good food for a family of four.

But the lemonade thing got me confused. I haven’t ordered lemonade in a restaurant in at least a decade or more unless it has a double shot of vodka mixed in.

Reader request: I need help with the perfect, unique, and out of the ordinary experience to give my daughters this Christmas

Now this should spark some reaction from the community, especially because a lot of you have free time this week because you’re hardly working or not working at all.

• John from PA writes:

Hello Joe. It hasn’t been emailed in a while. It’s John from Wiffle’s backyard sliding ball. I have a question that I thought would be ideal for the SC community. Every year at Christmas I get my girls (now 15, 18 and 22) the gift of a “surprise” which is a unique trip somewhere we would never have been to for the first time.

In the past we’ve done the Junior College World Series, a 3-day country music festival in rural Ohio, an Indiana college basketball trip including Butler’s Hinkle Fieldhouse, the Hoosier Dome, the original “Hoosiers” gym, and a trip to the backcountry. Mississippi Jubilee to attend about Poplarville.

I pride myself on being able to think of off the wall experiences we’d all really enjoy within the budget I’m decimating ol JB, but I’m struggling this year.

So I’m asking the Screencaps community to give me ideas for unique, out-of-the-ordinary experiences for a family that loves America, each other, and visits all the places and events that make our country great. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Now, this is my kind of email because it gets your juices flowing, especially since there are multiple options since John does music, sports, and his raspberry jubilee.

Over my head, Savannah Bananas are on tour in 2023. They’ll be all over the Northeast. It’s something we all have to keep in mind. In fact, I actually have a hotel room booked for a July 3 banana game in Akron.

Help John!


Wake up, bust or wake up, bust

• Written by John H.

We need Internet librarians for this. Do we really credit Clay Travis with the first widely recorded use of the phrase “get up, go broke”?

The phrase has now grown to be headlined by the international media.

According to Know Your Meme, the origin of “wake up, bust” comes from a 2018 article where science fiction author John Ringo used the phrase to describe organizations that have given in to social justice warriors.

Now, Clay has certainly used the phrase so many times on mainstream media sources that he can definitely pat him on the back for making this meme worthy of European tabloid headlines.

The Battery Daddy movement is growing – #notsponsored

As always, I have to be completely honest with you guys, Battery Daddy doesn’t pay me a dime to market these toolboxes. They should, but they aren’t.

D. in Georgia sent the following emails over the weekend:

I couldn’t wait until Christmas, so I bought one for myself! I’ll carry it while watching the Buckeyes fight the Turtles.

On Sunday, I received a follow-up email:

it’s ready!

This is cheaper than going to therapy and at the end of a soothing battery grooming session you have a battery toolbox ready to go at a moment’s notice. Kids have those plastic bobs that become addictive toys. Adults have a papa battery.

Let’s face it, we’ve barely grown.

OutKick Favorites (Ranked)

• Adam is back from Sydney, Nebraska with some ideas this weekend about OutKick and snowflakes:

SC Midnight Refresh fueled by Bud Light™️

I tried quitting Twitter. I started twittering to join TNML. I couldn’t take Husker Twitter after the nonstop losses from my favorite Big Ten West team. But now I’m back on Twitter, maybe to keep up with Battery Daddy?

My favorite Hookstead writer 3rd in Outkick will keep me clicking on every Big 10 article. 2nd place to NASCAR Monday morning pit stops.

I was fortunate enough to grow up with a snow blower. I’m sure there was a TNML guy or two shooting this morning. Unlike a lawn mower, a snow blower gets up early. The ultimate way to prove neighborhood supremacy is with the 530 AM mission on a double- or triple-stage snow blower. The SEC country is still confused.

My old John Deere snowmobile is waiting in the shed. When the number is called, I will send 10 gorgeous horses with 91-octane fuel on their mission.

The fall harvest must be over. The girls of Instagram Farm have to close for the winter.

Thank you for all your hard work in posting content every morning.

OutKick execs will enjoy the commentary on Monday Morning Pit Stop and Hookstead’s constant barrage of Big Ten West content for those who have been completely forgotten by national websites.

It’s no secret that NASCAR is in OutKick’s wheelhouse and Zach Dean has the patience and love for NASCAR to write about after Daytona week. The guy used to be a sports reporter for the Daytona Beach News-Journal, so he’s been in the belly of the NASCAR beast over the years.

And did I mention that Zak Dean is a big Busch Light guy? I don’t know if he mows Thursdays, but I do know his beer priorities are in check.

TCL TVs (yes, the Chinese are more likely to spy through those TVs, but they actually spy through your phone and have your voice and videos to create AI bots)

Andy Darrell wrote:

You couldn’t choose better in my humble opinion with the TV you just bought. I bought my first TCL 4 years ago and when we finished our basement we went to the TCL again, 55″ exactly like what I bought (picture below). Roku’s interface is great, and I couldn’t be happier. I would also highly recommend TCL’s speakerphone. Great sound and just a bluetooth connection!

Anyway, spent the night watching The Force Awakens with my son!! I wish you good night!!

Wendy’s Chili Analysis

Last week we got an email from some out of his mind Screencaps reader telling us (and a Texas reader) how much he enjoys Wendy’s chili. I have a friend who swears they use leftover burgers to add volume to this chili.

• John L. wrote.

Joe, I can absolutely confirm that at least in the past Wendy’s used burgers cooked and not sold in Chili. This was a reality in a cost accounting case study I conducted in MBA school in the 1980s. I remember it vividly because Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy’s) visited our school shortly thereafter. We tried grilling him about their account for the products – which totally went over his head. He also used to pronounce it “crowding” school.

• Bell wrote in Chicago:

I happened to see a documentary about Wendy’s and founder Dave Thomas a couple of weeks ago. “The Food That Built America” ​​or something like that. On that show, he said that Dave Thomas came up with the idea for chili as a way to use lean beef that wasn’t fresh enough to serve as a Wendy’s as a burger but was still good for making chili. So while it’s not leftover burgers, according to this documentary, the beef is two days older than the beef Wendy’s uses in their burgers.

• Tommy wrote from Texarkana, Texas:

I’ll be brief, just like the time Gisele spent alone before jumping back on the Weiner bandwagon.

In my previous life, I was a pharmaceutical rep. I hated it, but that’s an email for another day. Long story short, it was never surprising that the menu at a meeting always went from burgers, to tacos the next day, to meatloaf the next. Hell yeah Wendy’s recycles that meat.

And quick, let’s head to Spain where Mike T has been sending me all sorts of pictures

As always, you can keep up with T.’s adventure here:

11/17/22 Malaga Spain

BBQ fish on the beach:

And with that, let’s have a great Tuesday as we get ready for Thanksgiving Eve. Guys, the holidays are here. Give 115% on the job and head home for some MACtion and home prep for the big Thanksgiving.

You don’t want to be doing this work on Thanksgiving Eve when there’s a lot of bourbon for you to guzzle.

have a great day.


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