Maternity education saves lives in Vietnam

Sinh and her baby are healthy thanks to the support of Samaritan’s Purse-trained midwives.

Samaritan’s Purse trains traditional birth attendants to help mothers have safer pregnancies.

Caring for mothers and children



The highlands of northern Vietnam is a beautiful place to live, with rolling rice fields and gorgeous blue skies. However, this extremely remote region lacks adequate access to basic medical care, leaving women and children particularly vulnerable.

Samaritan’s Purse trains traditional midwives to teach new moms and new moms about pre and postpartum care, as well as proper nutrition and how to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Sinh is one of the many young women who have benefited from working with trained midwives – especially during her recent labor and delivery.

“If there weren’t two skilled midwives, my son and I would have died,” she said.

Rejoice in a new life

Sinh’s family began to worry when she showed signs of premature labor with severe abdominal pain and bleeding. Soon, her mother-in-law goes to get Mang, a midwife who has been helping Sinh throughout her pregnancy.

Sen and her husband are grateful to the midwives who made sure their families got the help and support they needed.

Sen and her husband are grateful to the midwives who made sure their families got the help and support they needed.

Maang attempts to ride her motorbike, but eventually has to abandon it and walk most of the way to Sinh’s house due to heavy rain and fog. Mang Sinh examined and then informed the family that Sinh’s amniotic fluid had indeed broken. Sinh recommended that she immediately go to a clinic.

“At that moment, I was tired and in pain,” Sinh said. “Mang called a medical clinic, and another midwife from a nearby village came to my house to help take me to the emergency room.”

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Sinh started riding her husband’s motorbike, but he had to stop because it was too dangerous to drive on the slippery, rain-soaked roads. The midwives helped her husband and father cut down a bamboo tree to make a hammock so they could take her to the clinic, about 30 minutes away.

“I knew we needed to get to the medical clinic quickly, but I was also relieved that if she gave birth on the roadside, the midwives would know how to support her,” said Sinh’s father-in-law.

Sinh was relieved when she finally reached the clinic. “The medical staff was waiting for me and quickly carried me to the delivery room. Thanks to the first aid, I delivered safely. I was really relieved when I heard my baby crying.”

The team explained to Sunnah that if she had made it to the clinic much later, she would have died. The young mother was exhausted, and soon after giving birth she fainted from fatigue, blood loss and multiple blood clots.

“Thanks to First Aid, I delivered safely.”

The clinic staff called an ambulance to take Sinh to the area hospital for further treatment. I was able to go home after five days in the hospital.

She has checked on Mang Sinh and her newborn son many times since they returned home. Both mother and baby are now healthy and thriving.

“We are sincerely grateful to the midwives. Without them, I would have had no evidence that Sinh was in trouble,” said Sinh’s mother-in-law.

Please pray for the health and safety of mothers and children in Vietnam. Pray for the midwives Samaritan’s Purse trains to provide medical care in remote and impoverished communities.

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Caring for mothers and children Tragically, hundreds of young mothers and thousands of newborn babies die every day from preventable causes. Your Samaritan’s Purse gift can help reduce mortality rates for women and their young babies by improving obstetric care, teaching basic feeding practices, and increasing access to quality health care.

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