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The Monroe City Police Department reported the following incidents from May 10-17. 2022. Due to the length, this report has been divided into five parts. This is the second part. Please note that neither the arrest nor the charge constitutes a conviction.

  • Property Found – Mayfield Dr; Peach Case Disposal – Referring to the disposal attendant who found a musket in the trash while walking. The report has been taken. Mesquite is placed in the guides.
  • Dispute – W Spring St; Haven in- Male subject reported female subject hitting him three times during an argument. Prosecution dismissed. The report has been taken. Remedies advised.
  • Conflict Call – East Spring St.; Valero gas station. The female subject has been notified of the civil procedures for a refund from the “I am Her Boutique” company.
  • Robbery Report Call – S Madison Ave; Walton County Sheriff’s Office. The complainant reported that one of his workers took a work truck from his work site and did not return it. The report has been taken.
  • DOA – Walton Mills found deceased subject in bed. CID is more dangerous. Handed over to the investigating judge.
  • Conflict – Tall Oaks referring to the caller stating her ex-boyfriend was at the site and trying to get to the residence. The male was gone when the officer arrived. Everything is good.
  • Non Violent Dispute – Maple Ln; referring to an anonymous complainant who advised their neighbors they were arguing about. He advised the man and his wife that everything was fine and no physical altercation occurred.
  • Traffic Stop – N Broad St & Nowell St: A blue Dodge Nitro is seen driving south on Highway 11 without its lights on. Traffic stop on the car. The driver was identified and admitted to being under the influence of alcohol. Arrested for DUI-Less Safe and Headlights Requirements. He was transferred to the Walton County Jail without incident.
  • The Unknown Law – W. Marable Street. Referring to a male screaming heard. Contact was made at W. Marable with a male scream. Everything is good.
  • Prowler – High School Avenue: Referring to the caller who mentioned that a male was in his house trying to open the door. A male subject was identified at the site and stated that he was there to see a female. The homeowner refused to press charges, and the male was released on a loafing citation.
  • Memo – W Marable St.; Fitting 9: With reference to mentioning a subject he advised that he had orders in effect. Dispatch confirmed that the subject was taken into custody and transferred to the Walton County Jail without incident.
  • Dispute – N Broad St; wow express. Referring to a former employee of the site who caused an inconvenience. The subject was gone when the officer arrived. Remedies advised.
  • bid note – Toller Street; Referring to trying to contact a male person. Negative connection to the subject in the site.
  • suspicious person – W Marable St. Referring to an unknown B/M on site which makes the complainant uncomfortable. The subject is gone when the officer arrives. The complainant moves from his place of residence on this date. Everything is good.
  • Another Act – W Spring St; raise me up In reference to a specific topic on the site that needs help getting back to Conyers GA. The family has been contacted and on the way to pick up the subject. The person had active PDC arrest warrants, but they didn’t want to put the hold on hold, all is well.
  • Missing Person – Tanglewood Dr. BOLO was done to sister because of a neighbor who saw her on 11/11/2022. It was determined that it was from 10-13 yesterday afternoon.
  • The property is found – W Spring St; Walmart. Referring to the complainant being advised, there are yellow capsules placed on the ground near the ATM. Upon the officer’s arrival, the complainant had disappeared and the yellow capsule pills were not seen near the ATM. Everything seemed fine.

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