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Have you ever found yourself in an urgent situation like losing access to your previously saved PST files? Not having Outlook to help you quickly recover your mailbox content? Well, here is the MS Outlook software system where you can recover all the lost data files that were stored locally. The only step you have to take is to visit –

There, you can recover even damaged PST data, links to important contents, old documents, and return address.

Best tool to view your PST files


Since we cannot leave the fate of our PST files in the hands of POP3 protocols, we offer it Recovery Toolbox for Outlook To handle all PST data. Recovery Toolbox was created to give quick access to messages that may have malfunctioned or been lost on the server. With this, you will not be limited to viewing your files with Microsoft Outlook alone.

There is also an online version of this Recovery Toolbox for Outlook. It provides the access required to open encrypted PSTs, as well as an opportunity to explore files containing passwords from old accounts. If you’re wondering how easy it is – these online PST viewer tools are designed to handle any security, so the blocked data will appear as if it has never been tampered with.


POP3 protocols and threats to your PST files.

POP3 is a specific protocol in Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to download mail messages from a remote server. Once the email is received, the POP3 protocol destroys the file on the server. Therefore, the recipient is the only party who will have access to the copy, which cannot be retrieved when lost. With this level of risk, the security of your PST file is not guaranteed.

Features of the Free Outlook PST Viewer

Free Outlook PST Viewer as a free feature of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook is not limited to evaluating PST data files alone. Moreover, it plays a great role in managing conversion and searching for lost files. For this reason, the Free PST Viewer appears to be an essential alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

For the following reasons, the Free Outlook PST Viewer has nullified the core of Microsoft Outlook on your PC:

With the multifunctional features of Outlook Recovery tool, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. shareware content analysis; Thanks to the preview information, divided into sections and located in less confusing places.
  2. View healthy and damaged files in detail. Files like: notes, journals, essential tasks, calendars, messages, and contacts.
  3. Recover important lost files with all necessary details, which can be saved in the format you want.
  4. Download data in any quantity without storage restrictions. You can have a file as large as 4GB, but with Power Tool, you’ll have smooth and fast response.
  5. While saving the PST file, you can choose categorically different restriction file format (EML, VCF, TXT, MSG). All of these have specific functions in the software.

How can I view a PST file offline?

1. The first step is to download the setup file for Recovery Toolbox for Outlook, then proceed to install it.


2. Select a file in PST format inside Recovery Toolbox for Outlook.

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3. You will find the option to choose the work mode. Select a recovery mode.

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4. On the “Preview the data to be recovered” page, get free access to your messages, contacts, folders and other important items. then pressnext one“.

How to view PST files online?

You don’t have to download and install Outlook PST viewer on your device, before you can use the online version. The tool can be accessed here –

1. First, you have to upload the file – set up your email in the field – and click on “next step“.

2. Wait for the file to finish repairing.

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3. While this is going, you can ‘Preview’ or ‘Download Demo File’ and click on ‘next step“.

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4. Go ahead and preview the recovered PST file online.

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook features – for both online and offline versions.

Privilege is always a good thing to enjoy, even on the technology side. With Recovery Toolbox for Outlook, here are the distinct advantages it has in store for you:

  • free benefit – It’s gratifying to know there’s something out there that saves you a little bit of cost, while still providing quality service. Recovery Toolbox provides a free utility for viewing PST files.
  • Peace of mind – You don’t have to worry about losing your files permanently with Recovery Toolbox. You can have a peace of mind, knowing that your PST files are never lost, even if you lose the data in your instant device.
  • No outlook required – This is one of the most useful features of the Free PST Viewer. No forward looking required. Which means you are safe from the hassles of Microsoft Outlook. You don’t need to have Outlook installed on your computer for it to work. Recovery Toolbox works on its own, and will let you store your files for as long as possible.
  • security bypass – In case you have the password of your old account on the PST files, then you don’t have to worry. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook handles such problems with ease. Simply add the desired mailbox to the Toolbox, and then proceed to process it.
  • virus protection – PST viewer can also protect your Outlook email from ransomware. This is because these viruses do not bypass the headers of large files. Hence, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook possesses some safeguards to recover data even when Microsoft’s proprietary tool SCANPST.EXE shows vulnerabilities.
  • Reads any PST file – No matter the size and format of any PST file, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook will make it easy to crack. It takes responsibility to access all file formats and your device will not crash.

last words

There is an incredible magic with Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Shareware. With such a program, we literally have to look at files, age more than humans!

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