Ryan Day discusses preparing for the game in Michigan’s first public commentary of the week at the Buckeye Roundtable

               With the Maryland game in the rearview mirror, preparations are underway for the rivalry game inside the Woody Hayes Sports Center.                </p><div><p>

Ryan Day took a few minutes out of his Monday night preparations to join The Ohio State Sports Network's Buckeye Roundtable Show, making his first public comments about the week of rivalry in a chat with Buckeye Roundtable hosts Skip Mosic, Paul Keels, Jim Lachey, and John Cooper.

How focused are the Buckeyes on beating Michigan after losing a game last year?  Day said he and the team's leadership committee made the decision not to make a major intervention this week, as they traditionally do on Thanksgiving, in order to focus fully on the task of preparing the team up north and allowing the players to take some time off.  with their families that day.

"We've got a lot riding in this game, we just want to make sure the focus is on the team up north," Day said.

Bulleted summary of everything Day said:
  • Day said the Buckeyes didn’t celebrate their victory over Maryland as much as they usually do because they had already turned the page on Michigan. “Most of the talk was about Rivalry Week.” He still wanted to make sure he gave the team credit for the win, though: “Our team fought tails, put their bodies on the line, and worked hard to win that game.”

  • On the Buckeyes spending time with the band on Sunday: “I have a lot of respect for the band… There are a lot of great traditions that surround this game, and this is definitely one of them.”

  • On the Field Goal Team: “Overall, the process was solid.” He called the blocked extra point an “officiating issue” as the Buckeyes were supposed to make the tackle with the ball in the hash.

  • On Dalan Hayden: “It would be important for him to play like him so far in terms of sponsorship football. He had to grow up on short notice.”

  • His scouting report on Michigan: “Very, very talented. They’re really good players. (Blake) Corum and (JJ) McCarthy definitely lead the way, and Donovan Edwards (he’s) really versatile in what he does. The tight ends are good, and the offensive line plays very well.” Some guys on the perimeter who can make plays, Ronnie Bell is a very good receiver. And then in terms of defense, you know, he’s statistically one of the best in the country. People have had a hard time running it and finding balance throwing the ball. There are a lot of challenges throughout Domains”.

  • Day said the Buckeyes should do a better job of lining up after kickoffs and after touchdowns to avoid delaying penalties.

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