Software company MDX ALGO reaches 15k users in 12 months despite crypto market turmoil

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES / ACCESSWIRE / NOVEMBER 22, 2022 / The cryptocurrency market can be noticeably turbulent, with dramatic changes occurring at the whim of a hat. mdx thinga platform founded by the 29-year-old YouTube millionaire “MDX Crypto” (@tweet), provides a service that dispenses with intermediaries and democratizes trading. MDX ALGO provides users with access to advanced cryptocurrency trading indicators, automated trading systems, 24/7 support and education, helping its users to trade the markets more effectively.

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The platform’s growth to 15,000 subscribers in just 12 months is a testament to its innovative suite of tools that enable novice or experienced traders to trade like the experts.

Existing subscribers have brought significant financial growth to the company, with each subscriber paying $59.99 per month to access the platform’s premium offering. “Reaching 7 figures within the first 12 months is a dream come true for me, and our community is growing by the day,” says Maximilian, Founder and CEO of MDX ALGO.

What is MDX ALGO?

Founded in 2021 by a millionaire and famous crypto personality mdx encryptMDX ALGO is a trading software company and educational platform for cryptocurrency trading.

The platform provides users with data-driven buy and sell signals, automated trading systems, 24/7 education and support, and valuable market insights. With more of the world interested in cryptocurrency, individuals around the world have begun to educate themselves about this disruptive new space.

MDX ALGO is an innovative crypto platform that offers a comprehensive service, allowing both novice and expert investors to analyze the price markets simply and efficiently. With the Tradingview algorithm indicators built into MDX ALGO, subscribers can easily access current market trends and provide them with buy and sell signals in real time. The indicators are back tested in all markets and developed by expert traders.

Kill all enemies

Despite the recent market crash in the cryptocurrency trading sector attributed to the downfall of many projects and other macroeconomic factors, MDX ALGO still stands out from the rest and is thriving.

Although the cryptocurrency market may be saturated, MDX ALGO has built a reputation that precedes itself. Subscribers have access to advanced algorithmic trading demo indicators, automated trading systems and systems, and a VIP Trader discussion group. The group allows subscribers to interact with expert traders 24/7 in a community hub where users can share and discuss their insights with each other.

Who is the genius behind it all?

The brains behind MDX ALGO, MDX Crypto, a self-made millionaire fueled by entrepreneurship and a true love for cryptocurrency, founded his first company at the age of 23.

Titan Investment, a money management company, is where MDX Crypto’s love for all things financial began. At the age of 25, Maximilian went on to trade his first million dollars and invested in 60 early stage crypto projects. Buoyed by his knowledge of the crypto scene, he began sharing his knowledge and passion for the industry, garnering over 150,000 subscribers across YouTube and Twitter.

MDX Crypto achieved amazing success at the age of 27, becoming a multi-millionaire during the height of the global pandemic in 2021. Maximillian’s overall entrepreneurial success gave birth to MDX ALGO, with the goal of teaching others to become financially free.

More than just encryption

In keeping with Maximillian’s goals of empowering individuals to become financially independent, a portion of the subscription service fee is donated to powerful clansMDX ALGO’s official charitable partner. Funding committed by MDX ALGO has helped keep the school afloat, educating 250 children. Maximilian’s goal is ultimately to teach financial education and trading to children powerful clans supports.

Strong Gens is a non-profit organization he founded Sophia Wilmott Which helps children in countries going through conflicts and crises by providing them with food, education, housing and more. MDX Crypto is personally committed to changing as many lives as possible by giving back to Strong Gens communities globally.

The future of MDX ALGO and the cryptocurrency market

The new UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has expressed his pro-cryptocurrency intentions and desire to turn the UK into a new “crypto hub”. This will have a significant impact on the general attitude towards cryptocurrencies, which will have a positive effect on the economy.

MDX Crypto expressed his views on crypto market ideas on a global scale: “I remain optimistic about cryptocurrencies despite the market turmoil. Crypto has changed my life, and my goal is to continue to educate my followers and share as much knowledge as possible. I created MDX ALGO to support market research And my predictions using real time indicators.It doesn’t matter which way the markets are going;as long as you get accurate buy and sell signals, you can take advantage of the market changes…the higher the volatility, the higher the upside potential we have as traders.With the accurate signals we provide on MDX ALGO, You will never miss the moments when you need to sell or the opportunities to buy.”

This is just the beginning for MDX ALGO as they continue to build a strong team to support their growth. Maximillian, CEO, recently appointed Nikolett Vilmos as his new CMO, a marketing expert in the blockchain space. Nikolett is often invited to speak at many of the world’s largest blockchain events and will play an important role in the expansion of MDX ALGO. so is nicolette, Josh Abbott Join the Board as a strategic public relations advisor. Josh is an international entrepreneur and consultant, who worked at Uber in their early days, and antlera venture capital firm, which now has about $500 million in assets under management.

The MDX ALGO team is constantly innovating and improving the platform, with plans to launch its own application that will automatically bypass exchanges for trading.

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