Texas is considering changing quarterbacks

The Texans finished the first half first in a one-sided loss Sunday to the Chiefs, and a week after that Loffy Smith He indicated that it was not time to consider making a quarterback change, and the rebuilding team seemed to be changing its tune.

Houston considers sitting down Davis Mills for the maven Kyle AllenReporting by Aaron Wilson from KPRC2. Mills has served as the starting Texans since late last season, when he replaced him Tyrod Taylor. But after a game in which the Texans totaled five yards in the first half, Smith may be ready to try something else. Mills and Allen are the only players on the 53-man Texas squad.

Have you watched the video many different times? Yes, and we made some decisions about how to move forwardSmith said on Monday. “But maybe you can understand, with all the changes and anything we do week to week, we talk to the players first before we talk to you. We are not happy where we are. Do we need to do some things differently? Yes, and we will. ”

Mills was selected in the third round in 2021 as QBR Rookie of the Year better than classmates Trevor LawrenceAnd the Justin Fields or Zack Wilson. Although there is a texas Larmi Tunsil After the wording of the sentinel Kenyon Green In the first round, Mills didn’t build his strong finish to last season. The Stanford team ranks 30th in QBR and leads the league with 11 interceptions. Admittedly, Mills is saddled with a gun like no other, and he hasn’t completed more than 60% of his passes in a game since Week 7.

Allen signed a one-year, $2.5 million deal to support Mills this season. Houston was attached to signal callers in this draft, which apparently would have relegated Allen to a third string role, but the franchise passed on the addition of a young arm. This opened the door to a full audition for Mills. After ten games, the Texans may have seen enough.

Formerly at UDFA, Allen finished his college career at the University of Houston, and has a fairly wide sample size as a junior pro. With Carolina and Washington, Allen appeared in 21 games and started 17 starts. He has only completed over 63% of his passes (6.9 yards per attempt). The 6-foot-3 QB led the 2019 Panthers to five wins, after Cam NewtonHe suffered a foot injury early in the season, but suffered a severe ankle injury midway through the 2020 season with Washington. Allen, 26, has only thrown 19 catches in the regular season since that injury.

Texas Mills seems to indicate that the team is ready for real post-work.Deshaun Watson Quarterback investment. At 1-8-1, Houston is moving towards the #1 overall pick for 2023. No other team in the NFL has fewer than three wins. The Texans could also have a second Top 10 pick — by the 2023 first-rounder acquired from the Browns (3-7) — to use as swap ammunition if they wish to use a “best available player” approach with a first-rounder. Heisman winner Bryce Youngfore in Ohio CJ Stroud and Kentucky Will Levis They are projected to be the best available quarterbacks in 2023, though those projections will need to be announced in the draft first. ESPN.com’s Todd McShea ranks Young, Stroud, and Levis as the No. 2, 3, and 13 draft-eligible QBs for the upcoming year. Texas Contacts numbers will appear over the next few months.

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