The Chemistry Board of the New Jersey Education Foundation donates $20,000 to support the ninth grade Trenton Academy science lab

Trenton, NJ – (November 18, 2022) – The New Jersey Education Foundation for Chemistry, founded in 1999, which has raised over $225,000 to promote STEM education and the many career opportunities in Chemistry, has officially applied to Trenton 9th Grade Academy To donate $20,000 to help outfit the school’s science lab.

To help motivate young students to explore and think about STEM education and careers, and complement many other programs at the state and national levels to promote more diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM education and the workforce, CCNJ staff reached out to Trenton Grade 9 Academy to discuss their needs. And how we can help build their science lab.

Science teacher, Gabrielle Flora, has created a post on a popular website that provides funding for teachers and schools, and seeks to raise funds to help provide a suitable science laboratory for her students, and to ensure that they are able to conduct simple science experiments, which are part of the curriculum, but in their current situation cannot to happen.

In her letter, Ms. Flora writes, “We are a science lab without lab materials! To create a dynamic science curriculum, I need to redesign my classroom to include engaging lab simulations, learning stations, and project-based learning corners in class.”

Aware of the school’s proximity to a CCNJ office, Trenton NJ and CCNJ Executive Vice President Elvin Montero reached out to begin discussions about how we can help.

Through generous donations from various businesses and individuals, our Foundation has been able to raise the full amount required to aid Trenton 9th Grade Academy.

“I am so proud of the member companies and their employees to hear our call to help Ms. Flora’s science students,” said Dennis Hart, executive director of the New Jersey Chemistry Council. “We hope this donation will help equip the classroom that stimulates their young minds with a fully functioning science lab, allowing them to immerse themselves in real-world experiences.”

“We hope that the students will be excited about the possibilities of science and consider pursuing a career in STEM fields as they progress in their education,” added Elvin Montero.

School and administration officials met with CCNJ staff to share science lab plans and discuss opportunities for future industry collaborations.

If you would like to support Ms. Flora’s classroom directly, you can also make a donation to

Pictured from left to right: Yazminelly Gonzalez, Dennis Hart, Elvin Montero, Gabrielle Flora, Trenton School District Superintendent Michael Tofte, Mayor Reed Gusciora, and Principal Dewar Wood.

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