Yes Hearing announces the expansion of health plans’ integrated home care services

New York–(working wire) – Yes Hearing, a leading provider of affordable, accessible, and convenient hearing care and hearing technology, announced that it will expand its services to include additional home and community care services for health plan beneficiaries.

In addition to supporting the company’s mission to empower seniors to stay happy, healthy and safe in their homes as they age, Yes Hearing – through an integrated, person-centered care model – will provide hearing care, fall prevention and social needs checks to enhance members’ lives in a care environment Their favorite – at home.

“We have always focused on meeting the need for affordable, accessible and equitable hearing care,” said Sam Sher, founder and CEO of Yes Hearing. “Now, by expanding Yes Hearing home services for health plan beneficiaries, we can better address the specific social risk factor for broader access, and provide deeper and more meaningful support to advance health equity, broader measures of SDOH, and early intervention strategies.”

With health care costs rising rapidly and the US population wanting to age, the expansion of Yes Hearing’s home care services supports the social needs ecosystem.

By leveraging the company’s unique care delivery model, which combines more than 500 in-home physicians for licensed audiologists and audiologists – the world’s largest mobile network of hearing professionals – with technology, the company is able to offer a truly personal home care-based solution – Provide more opportunities for early interventions as well as a pathway to connect members with community organizations and health plan services to meet their social health-related needs.

Fall risk assessment and social needs examination

Use standardized evidence-based data collection and reporting tools and adhere to the CDC’s fall prevention guidelines, yes hearing screens for fall risk, social determinants of health, and health-related social needs within the home. Interventions and risk reduction strategies can range from education to referrals, coordinating care with primary care providers, vision and physical or occupational therapists, and supporting comprehensive care management for vulnerable and at-risk members. For chronically ill members, these early interventions can mean slowing disease progression, reducing complications and preventing other comorbidities, reducing preventable emergency room visits and inpatient stays, and improving quality of life—plus potential cost savings for both health and wellness. . Plan and Associate.

“We fully support CMS’ mission to advance health equity and drive comprehensive, person-centered care,” said Sher. “By examining and reporting risk profiles, assessing modifiable risk factors, and intervening with risk reduction strategies, we are dramatically driving hearing care intervention using a highly innovative approach.”

“Not only are we improving the health, well-being, quality of life, and overall satisfaction of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries—we also help lower costs and strengthen Medicare as a whole.”

About yes hearing

Founded in 2019 by CEO Sam Shear, Yes Hearing is dedicated to improving access to hearing care for millions of Americans across the country—and empowering them to stay happy, healthy, and safe as they get older. As a market leader, Yes Hearing offers the most advanced hearing aid and hearing aid technology at an affordable price and provides convenient hearing services at home and telehealth through a coordinated national network of over 500 audiologists and hearing care professionals – the largest in the world (and no Still growing!) A mobile network of audiologists. To learn more, visit

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