Best Black Friday Deal of 2022 for Artists: VSTs, Software, Samples

It’s Black Friday again and what better time to buy some new hardware or software for your studio if it’s not during Black Friday 2022? We’ve rounded up some of the best Black Friday deals. If you are a musician, producer, singer, songwriter, artist, or just an end user, you might be looking at one of the things listed below.

Free Black Friday 2022 add-ons and deals


On Black Friday, the company revealed that Waves will be releasing a new free plugin. However, no additional information has been announced yet. So, on November 25th, keep an eye on their website. Waves also offers many discounts of up to 93%. This is the time to buy our beloved SSL Compressor.

child’s voice

Magic Dice, a new free plug-in from BABY Audio, is out. It can manipulate sounds into interesting compositions because it is a random FX generator. You’ll discover something completely unique Magic Dice with every click. Additionally, you can adjust the ratio of wet to dry texture to your preference.

Plug-in boutique

Besides getting huge discounts too, Plugin Boutique for Black Friday is offering free plugins. You may get iZotope Audiolens, a 2-month Producertech subscription, Cherry Audio CA2600, zplane deCoda LE, or Melda Production MReverbMB for free this month only when you make a purchase. This deal can be used up to five times.

audio talk

The company offers 3 free extensions, along with owning the entire catalog at discounts of up to 40%; The plugins are: Gatelab, Panflow, and Filterlab.

Mixing and control with iZotope Ozone 10

With Ozone 10, becoming a pro is faster and more personalized than ever. For sophisticated sonic upgrades, balance and smooth with the new Stabilizer unit or add punch and glue with the new Effect unit. With the new Master Assistant, you can sync up the audio of your favorite top songs or reference material, keeping you in the zone with the latest technology and an improved user interface. iZotope Ozone 10 has a Black Friday deal price of $299 (from $499 original price)

Antares Autotune and more

With your purchase, you will receive a free annual subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited. A new, flexible audio production tool called Auto-Tune EFX+ combines the capabilities of Auto-core Tune with those of the Auto-EFX multi-effects stand and Auto-Motion pitch generator. Included in Autotune Unlimited

  • Autofocus
  • Auto Tuning Artist
  • EFX + auto tuning
  • Access to automatic settings
  • auto key
  • Hybrid Auto Tuning
  • Auto adjust slide
  • Vocodist player auto tuning
  • Harmony Engine
  • Mod EFX microphone
  • thinker
  • warm
  • DUO
  • choir
  • I aspire
  • C Bell
  • throat
  • punch
  • engine

Other Antares programs that are currently discounted during Black Friday are:

  • Antares Vocodist $125
  • Antares slide $125
  • Antares Vocal EQ $125
  • Antares Harmony Drive $125

Delas on samples and audio bundle

Ghosthack Ultimate Vocal Pack (€149.95 to €19.95)

Three Ghosthack audio sample packs are included in this package. More than 900 acapellas, adlibs, phrases, vocal loops, and one-ups can be found there. High quality, royalty-free audios totaling over 2.4 GB. In 2022, this is among the best Black Friday deals for audio sample packs.

Live music production

PML is well known among music producers as one of the top curators of sample collections. Additionally, they have worked with notables including Ben Bomer, Tim Englehart, Felix Raphael, and others. Our top pick for Black Friday is the Deep Premium Drum Pack, which is now 43% off.

Technology House Market

The huge Black Friday sale on a variety of sample packs, pre-made packs and MIDI packs has kicked off at Dutch giant Tech House Market. Many prominent experts and producers have endorsed their samples. This amazing Black Friday 2022 sale features four great value packages bundled together.

  • Compilation of Tech House Market Sample Packs | Save 58%
  • All Pre-Selected Tech House Market Packs | save 58%
  • Tech House Fundamentals Volume 1 + 2 + 3 Bundle | save 68%
  • Entire Technology House Market Group 2022 | save 61%

Music courses

Ben Boehmer Master Class

One of the best deals you can get on Black Friday without a doubt. In this two hour or more webinar, Ben Boehmer showcases his flawless musical production capabilities. This Black Friday, his premium classes are being offered at 50% off.

Techno Master Class

Although techno has been around for decades, it has only recently started to gain popularity. Techno sounds serve as inspiration for many new releases in every subgenre of electronic music. This is a wise investment if you want to learn new skills or are interested in entering the techno music industry.

Beginner Course – Ableton Live 11 Start to finish

This might be the right option for you if you’re just getting started in producing music and are fairly new to using Ableton. When you are just starting out it is always advised to have a solid understanding of the basics, and this course will help you do exactly that.

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Melodic techno tracks from start to finish

Watch a full track being created from scratch, with every step clearly explained, from programming the drums to writing the chords for mixing to creating the final milestone.

Production Music Live has many courses with discount on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals for the DAW platform: Ableton, FL Studio, and Avid Pro Tools

AVID Pro Tools

This Black Friday week, Avid is getting into the holiday spirit of savings by offering deep discounts on Pro Tools, its leading production suite.

  • Pro Tools Artist is an essential set of tools for starting the production process. 64 MIDI tracks and 32 vocal tracks are available for use during the creative process, and it provides users with more than 100 plug-ins and instruments.
  • Pro Tools Studio is a clear step up from the Artist package and comes with 512 audio tracks, 1024 MIDI tracks, and more than 120 tools and plug-ins. This powerful and complete package is offered at a 33% annual discount, priced at $199.00 per year, as opposed to the standard price point of $299.00 per year. DAW is also available for $29.99 per month with a one-year commitment, but customers will still save 19% by paying upfront.
  • Pro Tools Ultimate is the most complete product from Avid; It includes 120 tools and plug-ins, 1024 MIDI tracks, and a whopping 2048 audio tracks. A one-year prepaid subscription is now 50% off and offered for $599.00. As part of the company’s Inner Circle membership, producers will also get access to other products and services valued at more than $2,500 for free with this package.


With Ableton currently offering a 20% discount on their flagship Live software, pushing their physical tools, as well as several expansion packs to improve the tools and plug-ins accessible in Live 11, these discounts can be combined with other existing promotions.

FL studio

This year’s FL Studio Black Friday deal includes two editions plus a variety of free plug-ins and demos. Get 25% off and some amazing sounds for your music production library.

  • FL Studio Producer version
    • All-in-one studio software with all the tools you need to record, create, mix and master professional recordings is FL Studio Producer Edition. The price of this software package has been reduced from €199 to €149, and you get free upgrades for life.
  • FL Studio All Plugins Edition
    • This package comes with all of the original FL Studio features and plug-ins, including Transient Processor, Gross Beat, Harmless, and Harmless. Reduced from €499 to €399, this version comes with free updates for life. You’ll also get UVI Digital Synsations, XTT, Pumper 3, FireCharger, and MVibratoMB, all vintage synths from the ’90s.
This article is being updated constantly; come back alter to find out more deals.

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