International Symposium and Workshop of Electronics and Imitation Materials

The Anti-Counterfeiting Forum, CALCE and SMTA are delighted to announce that they will jointly host the Electronics and Counterfeit Materials Symposium at the Manufacturing Technology Center in Coventry on the 14th and 15th March 2023. This international event will feature industry expert speakers from Europe, the UK and the USA and builds on the history of the events Past held in the United States by SMTA, CALCE and the United Kingdom anti-counterfeiting forum.

The event will focus on current trends, threats and new developments in the fight against counterfeiting in the supply chain. In addition to current and emerging new threats, delegates will also be able to hear about current and evolving best practices for managing counterfeiting in the supply chain, current and new methods for detecting counterfeiting and how to access more information.

We are currently seeking abstracts from interested parties and recommend that you check out the event website to view all topics of interest.

If you plan to submit an abstract, please do so online in the next few weeks. A strong, industry-wide technical committee will define the program in the coming months.

There will be plenty of opportunity for delegates to ask questions, engage in discussion and interact with our speakers during the day. Delegates will also be able to meet potential solution providers during breaks in the shared exhibition space at the table. Industry professionals who are new to the threat and want to learn more as well as practitioners with experience in counterfeit mitigation practices are sure to find this seminar valuable. Online booking will soon be available on the event website.

About anti-counterfeiting forum

The Forum helps exchange, develop and disseminate best practices and intelligence to mitigate the risk of counterfeiting in electronic and electrical supply chains through:

  • Work closely with a number of government and industry bodies and attend a number of relevant government/industry forums
  • Manage the Anti-Counterfeiting Forum website and organize annual counterfeit awareness seminars and give presentations and talks at relevant industry events.

About SMTA

SMTA is an international network of professionals who build skills, share practical experiences, and develop solutions in electronics manufacturing (EM), including microsystems, emerging technologies, and related business processes. SMTA is a global organization based in the USA.



The Center for Advanced Lifecycle Engineering (CALCE), at the University of Maryland, has been serving the electronics industry as a resource and knowledge base for developing reliable, safe, and cost-effective products for more than 35 years. Supported by more than 300 of the world’s leading companies, CALCE conducts basic science research on reliability in the areas of failure mechanism identification and modeling, accelerated testing methods, predictions and health management methods, supply chain management techniques, as well as application of artificial intelligence for remaining life and fault prediction for electronic devices and assemblies.

Center for Advanced Lifecycle Engineering | (

Contact details for the event

For more information about the event, exhibition opportunities, accommodations, and registration, please contact Kat Erdal, Events and Administrative Director, SMTA.

For more information about the technical program and professional development courses, please contact Dr. Diganta Das, Conference Chair, CALCE

or UK-based Anti-Counterfeiting Forum contacts:

Ian Blackman,

Roger Rogowski

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