Parents at Nokomis Regional High School complain of bullying in the school

Street. Albans, Maine (WABI) — There have been several accounts of bullying at Nokomis Regional High School.

One parent says it has been going on for years and as recently as last week.

“Last Friday, my son was assaulted at school while switching classes,” said Linda Sprague.

Linda has two children who go to Nokomis.

She and her husband, William Sprague, said they were tired of the school district not doing anything about it.

“There was physical abuse, emotional abuse, cyberbullying, we have videos, we have statements, we took them to management and nothing happened,” William said.

Caoilinn Sprague, an 11th grader, started an online petition that now has more than 400 signatures.

She said she wanted the school to take bullying seriously.

“I put some of my story out there so people can understand what we’re going through and so parents and peers know what’s really going on,” Kaelin said.

The family recounted some incidents of bullying at a recent school board meeting. Their son Keegan said he had to stand up for himself and others.

“She came to me and I confronted them with it all, and it resulted in me with two black eyes, a broken nose, and a stitch in my lip,” said Keegan.

The family left the meeting. William Sprague said it was because of victim blaming.

“I left because the supervisor made a statement that my son put himself in a position of being bullied. Well, there is no justification for bullying. Bullying should not be allowed in any school,” William said.

Superintendent Mike Hammer told us, “There have been consequences for actions, despite what is said.”

As he says in part, “It’s frustrating for everyone involved, I’ve asked for suggestions of what actions people would like to see as a result of the attention this situation has brought and I’ve received none. We can’t remove students from school forever.”

The Sprague family agrees with the latter part of that statement, but they say it’s the job of the supervisor and principal to find solutions, not the parents.

Meanwhile, William said he was being left to take matters into his own hands.

“We must now file a class action lawsuit on behalf of all students who attended or have attended there and also on behalf of parents whose civil rights have been grossly abused and violated to a degree beyond your imagination.”

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