Stay human for half the holiday with this Black Friday deal

The open-world zombie survival game Dying Light 2: Stay Human is getting a deep discount as part of the Black Friday shopping season.

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Dying Light 2 is the next installment in the heart-racing zombie apocalypse franchise. Techland has provided a larger open world for players to explore, with cooperative gameplay, tons of upgrades and unlocks, and high-speed parkour action.

Dying Light 2: Stay human is the latest entry in the open world zombie game franchise from Techland, giving players the chance to explore a new city overrun by the undead. While it usually retails for $59.99, dying light 2 Discounted for Black Friday on Amazon, giving gamers the chance to buy the game for $24.99, a whopping 58% off. Of course with this dying light 2 Part of the Amazon Black Friday deals, the deal will only be available at this price for a limited time.

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dying light 2 It was a huge sales hit, but it’s safe to say there are fans of the franchise who haven’t gotten into the new game yet. dying light 2 It puts players in the role of Aiden, a pilgrim who finds himself in the city of Philidor. Aiden finds himself drawn into the city’s politics while simultaneously having to contend with the ever-present threat of zombie hordes. dying light 2 Players must upgrade Aiden’s abilities to survive against zombies and human enemies alike.

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one of dying light 2Distinctive features of “is co-op mode”. dying light 2 Online co-op allows up to four players to band together and take on the zombie threat. The game got mixed reviews from critics, but it might be worth it for the discounted Black Friday price, especially if one is able to convince their friends to take the plunge and also pick up the game for co-op play.

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dying light 2 It was launched back in February, but is still receiving support from developer Techland. There are plans to support dying light 2 for up to five years after its launch, with the developer already putting together a free New Game+ mode and recently launching it blood ties Premium DLC expansion.

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Dying Light 2: Stay human Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X with a Switch version also in development.

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