SunLive – Chemistry education contribution wins big

A team of New Zealand scientists have won Horizon Awards for Education from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

House of Science New Zealand has been selected by a prestigious RSC jury to develop an extensive library of practical, bilingual science resource collections that enable thousands of primary school teachers across New Zealand to deliver life-changing science lessons.

The Royal Society of Chemistry welcomes applicants from all over the world for their awards, which honor individuals, teams and schools across primary, secondary, further and higher education, for their exceptional contributions to chemistry education.

The group — led by House of Science Charitable Trust resource developer Jane Hoggard, and includes specialists from SCION, Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Center New Zealand and Environmental Protection New Zealand — is now a winner of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Horizon Award for Chemistry Education, for their outstanding work in making science education more accessible. .

By combining the skills of eDNA experts, science reporters, educators, and community engagement experts, the team has been able to create a library of practical, bilingual science resource kits that give educators the tools and confidence to deliver life-changing. Science lessons.

The kits – which contain all the equipment, instructions and consumables needed to deliver hands-on, interactive lessons linked to current curriculum and research science – are distributed and maintained by volunteers every two weeks to hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers each year.

Speaking about the award, Jane said that it was a surprise and an honor to receive international recognition for the House of Science initiative.

“I am proud of the work we do with both teachers and students across New Zealand to foster wonder and curiosity in the world around us. I consider it an honor to work alongside scientists to help them deliver outreach programs to primary school students.”

“I am proud of Jen and the team for all their efforts – this award is well deserved,” said Founder and CEO Chris Duggan.

Jane Hoggard and Chris Duggan.

Dr Helen Payne, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry, says: “It is crucial that we recognize the critical role that teachers play in the advancement of science, and that we pay tribute to their ability to inspire and nurture the next generation of brilliant young minds, so that they can carry forward new discoveries and innovations.

Society faces many challenges, and educators give us the tools we need to enhance our understanding of the world around us and solve the many problems we face. The work of the House of Science New Zealand team to deliver engaging and accessible lessons across the curriculum demonstrates an outstanding commitment to chemistry education, and we are honored to celebrate their significant contribution.”

There are 19 House of Science centers across New Zealand, each with its own library of bilingual collections of science resources, which are distributed and maintained by volunteers on behalf of the local community.

Every two weeks, hundreds of these kits are delivered to schools and tens of thousands of children participate in science lessons as a result.

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