The Prime Minister celebrates the return of more than 4,600 health workers to the public sector

Labor Secretary Harry Baines.

“All workers deserve stable work that treats them with dignity and respect, but this has not been the case for the thousands of healthcare workers whose jobs have been privatized and contracted, resulting in job losses and lower wages and benefits. For the past four years, we have been welcoming these workers back to fair wages and benefits, job security and a supportive workplace, and we will continue to improve support and protections for all workers.”

Dr.. Victoria Lee, President and CEO, Fraser Health –

“All Fraser Health and medical staff play valuable roles and are integral to providing the care that people need in the communities we serve. Over the past four years, we’ve been proud to work closely with our partners to bring back staff working in our hospitals, in our communities and long-term care sites to Fraser Health I am delighted to celebrate this milestone and recognize the talent, skills and contributions of the more than 1,000 employees who are now part of Fraser Health.”

Leah Hollins, Chair, Island Health –

“Bringing these valued team members back to Island Health has played a key role in developing a stronger, more engaged healthcare team. Bringing home our housekeeping and food service workers has had a huge positive impact on all involved, and we are proud to lead this effort at Island Health.” .

Fiona Dalton, President and CEO, Providence Health Care –

“It is my honor to formally welcome more than 550 food and environmental services employees to join, and in some cases rejoin, Providence Healthcare. Over the past four months, I have seen the positive impact of returning home on staff, patients, and residents. I am pleased to formally acknowledge these Dedicated, hard-working individuals who do the essential, life-saving work of keeping our facilities clean and the people we serve fed, as part of the Providence team.Recent years have shown us how we are all part of one team working together to deliver exceptional care.On behalf of everyone at Providence, we thank our Food and Environmental Services staff and a warm welcome to everyone in the Providence family.”

David Peiris, President and CEO, Regional Health Service Authority –

Our Healthcare Support Service staff work closely alongside clinical staff to provide high quality care. They are an important part of our team in ensuring patients feel as comfortable and cared for as possible. I am thrilled to be a part of celebrating the team members and the important work they do, day in and day out. As part of a larger team of healthcare professionals, these individuals define what it means to be of service to others in moments of need and I am truly grateful for their dedication and compassion.”

Vivian Eliopoulos, President and CEO, Vancouver Coastal Health –

“We are very pleased to welcome back our environmental services and food service staff to Vancouver Coastal Health. We greatly value their contributions and really appreciate their dedication to meeting the needs of patients, customers and residents across our critical and community locations.”

Mina Brisard, Secretary and Business Director, Hospital Employees Union (HEU) –

“Four years ago, the British Columbia government passed legislation that changed the lives of many BC Housekeepers healthcare workers and food service workers that are vital to patient safety and care. Being reunited with the healthcare team is where they belong. Getting them home is also nullifying. Two decades of privatization that has fragmented our health care system and destroyed the lives of thousands of often-racist workers, men and women.”

Aida Costello, housekeeper, Langley Memorial Hospital –

“It was a big change for me when I came to Fraser Health. I get the best salary I’ve ever had, the benefits are great, and the municipal pension plan is a bonus for me. It’s less stressful than before, too. I’m so happy now. Thank you BC Government.” to make this change.”

Darcy Leworthy, Food Service Operator, Royal Jubilee Hospital –

Our work plays an important role in providing the best possible care to patients in our hospital. Over the past year, we have felt valued and our contributions recognized more than ever before. We are very proud to be part of the Island Health team.”

Tom Wong, Food Service Supervisor, Holy Family Hospital –

“I am excited to have the opportunity to work more closely with the rest of the healthcare team in providing exceptional assistance to those who reside at the facility.”

Nathapriya Theyal, Housekeeping Assistant, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital –

“I am thrilled to be joining Providence Healthcare. I hope to get a better turnaround…and be happy with our benefits as well. Thank you.”

Hussain Rashid, Housekeeping Supervisor, British Columbia Children’s and Women’s Hospital –

“Repatriating Health Care Services workers has been a positive and welcome change, not only for supervisors but for all housekeepers. I am proud to see the extent of the improvement for these employees, including working conditions and overall protections for our employees. Moreover, the pay increases and fringe benefits are well received. well-regarded and has enabled our healthcare service workers to feel secure in their role as essential members and assessors of the PHSA healthcare team.”

Clarissa Hiccup, Housekeeper, Vancouver General Hospital –

“Scavengers are very important to patient care and safety in our hospitals. Four years ago, when the government passed Bill 47, it was a huge relief for us. We were looking forward to having our important work recognized. Being back in the public sector means we are on the same team as everyone else.” In our hospital. It also means better protection and benefits for us.”

Cora Mojica, food service worker, Vancouver General Hospital –

When workers and government work together, we can change things. Repeal of these laws is a giant step towards restoring justice and fairness to health care workers and repairing the harm done to the delivery of health care. Today, HEU members are proud to be reunited with their hospital and food service colleagues. Bringing workers back into the public sector is recognition of the vital role they play in our healthcare system, keeping patients safe and receiving quality care.”

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