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Turkey Day is upon us: Your family is coming to your house and people are raiding grocery stores to get the best deal on Bob Evans mashed potatoes. Whatever your Thanksgiving looks like, chances are it’s there Whatever you desperately want to relax and forget The fact that you still need to play in the World Cup looms large.

So, to give you peace and to take your mind back to the holidays, I made a list of all of them Virginia Tech And what would they be as a Thanksgiving dish. It’s all based on stereotypes, of course, so don’t take this literally. Or you can take it literally if it helps you relax by imagining that you are eating your specialty at the dinner table.

Hey: If you’re a new hockey fan, maybe finding out that kidney is your favorite Thanksgiving food is a deciding factor.

College of Veterinary Medicine – Al-Maraq

Let’s start with the best dish of the day: gravy. Medicine, in general, holds things together like the glue of life. Students at Veterinary College learn to do just that for animals and, one day, your beloved cat and dog. So, gravy is the glue that holds Thanksgiving together because no matter how dry the turkey your uncle cooked, gravy will fix it. Gravy: The glue that holds Thanksgiving together.

Faculty of Science – Green Bean Casserole

When you’re in middle school or high school, you color all of your binders and notebooks based on subjects – most of the time (or at least for me), green is assigned to science. That’s why science college has to be green bean casserole, because, you know, green beans. Green beans stand out among all the natural-looking ingredients, which is exactly what science majors do. You can see them in the Newman Library, taking up all the whiteboards to draw diagrams of atoms or molecules (I guess that’s what scientists do?) or around campus in a general panic about biochemistry.

Pamplin College of Business – Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are all work. They get straight to the point and don’t beat around the bush. It’s either good or bad, no in between. However, it’s also a simple and dependable dish, which is what I think of the students at Pamplin College of Business. Jobs like management, accounting, and finance are things that many people take for granted, but people rely on these professionals to help them in their daily lives. Management especially, which is about as reliable as it gets. Much like You guessed it Mashed potato.

College of Engineering – Cornbread or biscuits

Although Virginia Tech’s engineering program is one of the most popular and competitive majors, it simply makes sense that it should be College of Engineering It’s cornbread, crackers, or whatever kind of bread you have on your plate at Thanksgiving. The main assumption people make is that engineering majors are boring because all they do is work and study for very tough exams. Yes, some people will be right in that assumption. However, what people fail to realize is that they are still the current programme Rank No. 16 In the best undergraduate engineering category. Just like cornbread or crackers, no matter how hard you try to minimize their impact on Thanksgiving dinner, this will probably be the thing you’ll come back for seconds for. You won’t admit it, but honestly, she’s pretty amazing.

College of Natural Resources and Environment – Cranberry Sauce

According to its website, the College of Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) is the only college specializing in natural resources education in Virginia. With specialties like forestry, geography, and fish conservation, it’s only fitting that cranberry sauce should be on your dinner plate. Not only is it something made from a naturally grown product, I feel the uniqueness of the dish is similar to that of this field of study.

College of Architecture, Art and Design – Apple Pie

The arts are complex there are many areas of knowledge that fall within the scope College of Architecture, Art and Design Hence the three subject areas grouped into the name. However, I feel it is appropriate to honor this section with a dish of apple pie on Thanksgiving. Apple pie is messy and confusing and sometimes you wonder why it was on your plate to begin with because it takes up so much space. However, the students at this college remind me of apple pie because they are messy too. Their creativity takes up space and sometimes their creative process is so chaotic, that you wonder what they do and how they are rated on it. However, this is where the saying “trust the process” comes in: because whatever mess you may get, it ends up being a true work of art. Which is what ends up in apple pie once you get a taste of it.

Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences – Ham

Now, you have to admit Only this one makes complete sense. The first thing I associate with College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) On the farm with the soon-to-be animals on your Thanksgiving plate. Pork is an excellent ingredient for Thanksgiving dinner because it balances out the meal with its unexpected sweetness in flavour. While it’s quite ironic to pair CALS students with this dish, I think these students will be the ham on your dinner plate because even though they most likely interact with unexpected animals on a daily basis, they clearly love what they do and have just as much sweetness About them who does pork.

College of Arts and Humanities – Turkey

Finally, the final college. I decided to crown Faculty of Arts and Humanities (CLAHS) as a turkey for several reasons, and not just because the Collegiate Times is a student newspaper, and the press is located within the same college. Nope, the reason is as simple as this Liberal arts majors such as journalism and creative writing, as well as humanities majors such as sociology and philosophy, get to the “core of the story.” These disciplines involve deep thinking and understanding of the world around us, which allows us to get to the real logic behind how the world works. This decision is not based on it being a newspaper with many journalism students, but because almost all majors at Virginia Tech would not be able to exist without English, writing, and communication.

Obviously, these decisions are explainable. If you think that the specialty you specialize in is Turkey, feel free to make your own ratings. Whatever the case, we hope this article has made you think about your major in a positive way. If not, well, just imagine dumping the stress of your major’s final exams into turkey or mashed potatoes.

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