A Ford Fund investment in Spelman College students changes lives

A behind-the-scenes investment from the Ford Motor Company Fund has won praise from a prominent venture capitalist who said the company’s strategy is to recognize Black Girl Magic.

What began as a pilot project at Spelman College — a prestigious Atlanta-based school known for its commitment to educating black students since 1887 — has now become an established success story, said Darrell Holloman, the school’s vice president of student affairs.

The 119-year-old Dearborn-based automaker, with a long history of investing in diverse and underserved communities through its philanthropic arm, created a program at Spelman College to help first-generation college students get the support they need to thrive. The Ford Fund’s continued investment is an acknowledgment that Black women are in the spotlight as a rapidly growing segment of entrepreneurs, key decision-makers, and community leaders who are shaping and changing America’s political landscape.

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