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Staffed with a group of highly qualified technicians with over years of experience in organic chemistry, Alfa Chemistry is committed, as always, to producing high quality chemicals and materials according to clients’ specific requirements. Recently, the company has reaffirmed its competence and expertise in the custom synthesis of cellazan products.

In fact, silasanes are more reactive than standard silicones and are often used as raw materials for silicones and ammonia. Meanwhile, hexamethyldisilazane is one of the simplest silasans that acts as a blocking agent in the manufacture of specialty chemicals and drugs. Therefore, it is critical to optimally design and manufacture silasanes for different applications.

“With well-equipped laboratories and facilities for production, we are committed to helping our customers develop and manufacture the most sought-after cellazan products. Meanwhile, we also have a well-established quality assurance system that strictly monitors the whole design and installation process, reporting the production progress in real time to our project managers.” Moreover, in order to ensure product reliability, compliance, and efficiency, we have applied the best quality brokers who are qualified with certificates,” said Head of Marketing at Alfa Chemistry.

Advantages of Alfa Chemistry’s custom cellazane synthesis service:

  • l Different types of cellazan products can be selected for synthesis
  • A reasonably short synthetic course
  • l Complete quality management system to ensure product eligibility and reliability
  • l Regularly monitor and report the production cycle to help customers keep up to date with the latest progress

Generally, customized assembly workflow is sequenced through consultation, contract signing, prepayment, synthetic route design, product synthesis, balance payment, product quality testing, product information report issuance and mailing sample.

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Silanes Application Potential

Taking advantage of the unique properties of silicon compounds, silane is highly applied worldwide in many applications, such as steel, semiconductors, special glass manufacturing, and the photovoltaic cell. In addition, the silasane family, consisting of silicone compounds such as chlorosilanes, alkoxysilanes, and cilazanes, plays a strikingly important role in chemical production.

About alpha chemistry

With a customer-centric spirit and continuous innovation efforts, Alfa Chemistry aims to produce high quality silicone products with improved material performance and wider application ranges. Presently, Alfa Chemistry focuses on custom design and synthesis of various organic silicon products, including but not limited to: silanols, silanolates, silan coupling agents, HOMSi reagents, organic silanes, silicone absorbents, silasanes, silicones, silicone oils, siloxanes and selylimidazole.

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