Beautiful “Earth Cluster” image taken during the Artemis mission in reference to Apollo’s “Earthrise” image.

The new image, titled “Earth Cluster,” was taken by NASA’s Orion spacecraft during its flyby of the moon on November 21. (Image credit: NASA/Artemis I)

(Opens in a new tab)A small, distant Earth begins to slide behind the Moon in a strange new image captured by the Orion spacecraft, which was recently launched into space as part of NASA. Artemis I am important. The image, titled “Earth Set,” is a reflection of the famous “Earthrise” shot. Captured by NASA’s Apollo 8 mission (Opens in a new tab) More than 50 years ago.

The massive Artemis I moon rocket was Finally in space In the early hours of November 16 thereafter Over a month of failed launches. Once in space, the rocket launched the uninhabited Orion capsule, which continued towards Earth’s natural satellite.

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