Chinese State Construction Engineering: Progress of Overseas CSCEC Projects

In the fourth quarter, CSCEC’s multiple overseas projects made good progress.

Section 4-3 of the China-Thailand high-speed railway

The 32-meter prefabricated square beam on site undergoes static testing, which lays a solid foundation for the smooth performance of the later parts of the project.

With a total length of 23 kilometers, the section is fully raised and consists of 9,810 prefabricated sectional box girders. The China-Thailand high-speed railway is not only the first in Thailand, but also the first high-speed railway built by CSCEC abroad.

The CBD New Administrative Capital project in Egypt

Presently, the project is in its final stage as the mechanical, electrical and interior decoration installation is being done on a large scale.

The project consists of 20 buildings including 10 high-rise commercial office buildings, 5 high-rise residential buildings, 1 hotel, 3 high-end residential buildings, and an iconic tower with a height of 385.8 meters, which is the highest in Africa. After completion, the project will promote the development of the Suez Canal economic belt and the Red Sea economic belt in Egypt.

The first phase project of the Tsinghua Southeast Asia Center in Bali

The arrangement of the exterior landscaping and interior decoration of Tsinghua Southeast Asia Center has been completed, and the first phase of the project passed the acceptance test recently.

With the main functions of non-degree education and cultural communication, Tsinghua Center for Southeast Asia contributes to talent training and cultural communication for Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. With a total construction area of ​​10,380 square meters, the first-phase project consists of building comprehensive classrooms, a library, a technical incubation center, parking lots, multi-functional exhibition halls, supporting facilities, and green landscaping. The project is one of the subsidiary venues for the G20 summit in Bali in 2022.

Marina Vista project in Dubai

The project has passed the Dubai Civil Defense systematic checks on all fire protection and civil defense facilities and will receive an acceptance check from the Dubai Development Authority later.

The project is located near the Palm Islands in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and it is an upscale residential complex that integrates leisure and recreation. The project area is 113,000 square meters, and it is a multi-tower structure, with the height of the two towers being 130 and 171 meters, respectively.

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