Counseling services assist Scottsdale Community College students with mental health and personal wellbeing issues

For students at Scottsdale Community College, help with anything that comes your way is readily available at Counseling Services.

Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror, but Christmas and the New Year are dead on, putting many people on a collision course with mental distress.

However, SCC Counselor Andrea Scherer, who has been helping students for the past seven years, says the holidays are not their busiest time.

“Our busiest time with students—stress management, time management, crises, is the middle of the semester,” Scherer said.

Counseling services assist students with a variety of needs. From basic needs such as food, housing and emergency funds to personal support and crisis management. If they are not directly able to help, Counseling Services specialize in referring students to qualified providers within the community.

“We don’t offer therapy on campus. So, we offer in-person support. We talk to students about stress. We talk to students about time management,” Scherer said.

“A large number of people meet us, but then they also have needs outside of what we can do on campus. The community referral piece, I think is probably one of our most important roles,” Shearer said. “A big part of what we do is help Students learn about what is available in the community.”

In addition to virtual and in-person appointments Monday through Friday during business hours, Counseling Services also offers a wide range of workshops and classes.

Personal growth workshops are offered in both live/online and self-contained formats throughout the year and are open to students as well as the public.

Counseling and Personal Development (CPD) classes include first-year experience courses required for specific students and a variety of personal development classes, such as Career and Personal Development, Resilience, and Wellbeing. Classes are offered in hybrid and online formats for SCC students.

Scherer said: “A lot of times people just need a chance to have a quiet moment, self-regulate, and take a few deep breaths – it’s amazing how that can change things. And that’s sometimes what a lot of students do with us. A time out, a chance to talk things through and get them out of their minds and talk about it.”

Counseling Services is located at SC-108 in the Student Center Building.

Tel. (480) 423-6524


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