Hillel Neuer confronts the International Republican Institute in an urgent session of the United Nations

A video of Halil Noir confronting the Iranian delegate to the UN urgent session on Iran is now being shared widely on Instagram, Twitterand YouTube.

UN Executive Director, Hillel Noyer, takes the floor to counter the lies spread by the Iranian delegate, UN Human Rights Council 35th Special Session on the deteriorating human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, November 24, 2022.

President of the United Nations Human Rights Council: I give the floor to the Vice President for Women and Family Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mrs. Khadija Karimi.

Khadija Karimi, Islamic Republic of Iran: In the name of of Allah the Merciful. Mr. President, the Islamic Republic of Iran deeply regrets that the Human Rights Council is once again being abused by some arrogant states to antagonize a sovereign Member State of the United Nations that is fully committed to its obligation to promote and protect human rights. But the use of the common cause of human rights as a tool for the political purposes of certain groups, from Western countries, is appalling and shameful.

Germany’s politically motivated move to distort the human rights situation in Iran is a ploy with ulterior motives that will do nothing but drive the Human Rights Council out of its true mandate. Why the rights of the Iranian people… Sorry…

President of the Human Rights Council: UN Watch. Word.

Hillel Neuer, UN Monitor: Thank you, Mr. President. When people are asked to tell terrible lies, they get confused and confused. But the people – the brave demonstrators – in 150 cities across Iran are not taken aback. They have moral clarity because they are on the side of truth and justice.

We meet now at the United Nations, which was founded to affirm faith, fundamental freedoms, human dignity, and equal rights for women and men. It is written in the charter. This is exactly what the Iranian people are asking for. Will the United Nations keep its promise? Will this council respond to the desperate pleas for help that Gavaner has heardOud and Saqz, TIran and Sistan and Baluchestan?

Moments ago, the Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran told us that they respect human rights. And so we ask the Islamic Republic: If you respect human rights, why do you kill children, like nine-year-old Kian Pervalak last week?

Why do you shoot and kill hundreds of protesters like Minou Majidi, whose daughter just met President Macron in Paris?

Why hit innocent women like Mahsa Amini?

We ask the Islamic Republic: If you respect human rights, why do you kidnap the wounded from hospitals and use ambulances to remove protesters from the streets?

If you respect human rights, why are you holding 15,000 demonstrators in your prisons, denied justice and at risk of execution?

Mr. President, we need action: punishing the killers. Expulsion of diplomats. Classification of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist entity. Kick out misogynists from the UN Commission on Women’s Rights.

I thank you.

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