Integrate your data directly using legal software vendors

Using legal software to combine your data may allow you to submit digital applications and access other services and information from HM Land Registry. Available with or without a case management system, you can reduce manual entry, save time, improve accuracy, and link multiple processes within a single system.

Benefits to you and your business

From November 30, 2022, Change of Registry applications will be digital by default for business customers. Many already use legal software to do this. As an alternative route to our digital registration service, this can provide a range of potential additional benefits that could suit your business better, including:

  • Pre-populated data – reduce rewriting and human error, automatically pulling through information already entered elsewhere and from history
  • Data validation and routing – Cut down on order errors and cancellations by checking history as you go, calculating fees and prompting for relevant document uploads
  • Collaborate with colleagues – Easily save draft applications, share work, and link to other parts of your company’s process
  • Dashboards with reminders and alerts – to view application status, manage it by priority and ensure you don’t miss a thing
  • Automatic Document Storage – Never miss a thing and save time downloading and storing documents, with new responses like registered completed documents collected automatically
  • Easily respond to requests – with a freeform notepad or upload additional documents

In addition, linking to other systems and information means you can access broader benefits such as:

  • Request and keep searches in one platform, simply and seamlessly – including local authority, environment, mining and more
  • Submit all government applications in one place – pull information and reduce the need for double entry with AP1s, SDLT, Welsh Land Transaction Tax (LTT) and Companies House
  • One login for all your transportation services
  • Streamlined transfer workflow – to aid compliance, save time, and reduce risk
  • The latest digital legal forms and editable letters – all in one place
Adam Forshaw, general manager of patients at O’Neill, said:

Increased automation and integration with HM Land Registry provided by Business Gateway has resulted in our post-completion team benefiting from significant time savings allowing them to focus on other businesses.

How it works

In simple terms, clients can easily access our services using your own case management system. Define some or all of a combination of the different parts of our Services, using our API to connect through the Business Portal.

How to start

If you already have a case management system in place, we recommend speaking to your existing supplier first to see what they can offer.

If you don’t have a case management system in place, or would like to explore what others can offer, see suppliers integrated with HM Land Registry Systems that can support you.

In some cases, usually for companies with important IT functions, you may want to work directly with HM Land Registry to create your own integration with our systems. For more information on what this integration will include, see our Developer Pack.

If you have any questions or want to discuss how direct integration can work for you, please contact

See details of how legal software suppliers can apply for integration with HM Cadastre systems.

If you have any questions about how we can support you with Business Gateway, please email us directly at

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