Kotaku reviews Battlefield 2042’s Season 3 Update: Escalation

Battlefield 2042

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The last time we looked at Battlefield 2042Online shooter It had just released its second major update, and it was finally starting to feel like something approaching a finished video game. With Season 3 coming out this week, it’s now even closer.

Note that I am not offering this statement as a criticism. Battlefield 2042 It was launched in the middle of a pandemic, with nearly two full years of its development affected, and As a longtime series fan—but also a video game journalist—you know how these things work– We came to terms with the fact that the game was clearly accelerated by executives to achieve a short-term financial goal, regardless of the damage it did to the brand’s long-term standing.

So I’m not exactly out When I say – like Anyone who was playing the game at launch will know — it wasn’t ready for release in November 2021. Those of us who still found something to like about the game and kept playing They had been, for months, publicly playing and auditioning Unfinished video gameone that would have felt “complete” (at least compared to its predecessors) after months of updates.

Well, now we’re at the “months of updates” point, which it used to be Battlefields It would have been the theatre Where the game has been greatly addedBut in 2042 case only Where is located within walking distance of par.

This week saw the launch of Season 3, which adds a massive new map (set in Sweden around two box robot weapon factories), a new anti-tank vehicle, railgun, and a new Specialist, which has a unique perk. The weapon is a miniature air blast explosive material Gun.

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Everything is good! map, spearhead, large, f Like stranded before that It is completely differentiated by the presence of two large indoor close-quarters combat fields, surrounded by wide open spaces for snipers and vehicles. I had a good time with it, given its tall layout and rocky terrain between the two buildings Means that games often turn into meat grinders on top of the central machine Control points lead to massive and explosive battles.

new specialist, Rashid Zain, is also something the game needs; His air blaster rifle is capable of killing enemy troops entrenched in cover or around corners, giving infantry This kind of ability to free up space was previously only available to vehicles or the rare few Who can actually properly use grenades.

I’m not completely sold on the other two major additions, the railgun and the anti-tank. The latter, EMKV90-TOR, plays like StarCraft A siege tank you can drive around a bit with limited firepower but when you really want to mess things up you can lower its hold and snipe enemy tanks from all over the map.

Meanwhile, the railgun is all about timing; It’s useful as a medium and long range weapon, but only if you can master the way it charges itself, it will automatically discharge when ready. Almost all of the game’s current list of weapons and vehicles feels fairly contemporary, with nice concessions to the fact that this game is set 20 years in the future; These two additions look and sound and feels like more Hello arms.

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When you look back at all the work and updates the game has received since then Launching – not just new stuff but revisions to old maps and tweaks to things like their specialized appearance and sound clips, giving the game a more cohesive tone – clearly a much improved experience!

I think that when a specialized system is not popular Next month to return to traditionalists battlefield Classrooms, this year-long effort to make this game the game it should have been done. Which, given how disastrous the game’s launch was, would be one hell of a feat.

However, it also can’t help us wonder: What could this game be like if the past 12 months were free to add to the game, rather than just emergency fixes? I really like the setup 2042one of the few blockbusters that has taken the threat of climate change seriously, and its near-future arsenal is far more fun to use than the historical gear available in the past few games.

We will never know! A pandemic and investor class have conspired to curse this game, and so if all we can look forward to is one more Season 4 update before everything gets trashed and everyone moves on to the next battlefieldWell, that’s what I’m looking forward to. Me and other people who have enjoyed the game since its release. There are dozens of us! scores!

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