KPIT Tech and Renault partner on next-generation software-defined vehicle program

KPIT Technologies, one of the largest software integration partners in the automotive and mobility industry, has announced its selection by the Renault Group as a strategic software expansion partner for the French automaker’s next-generation SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) software.

The Renault Group is making significant investments and strategic partnerships to develop an industry-leading SDV platform. This platform will drive Renault Group’s global growth over the following decades by offering end consumers an unparalleled experience and unlocking income generation over the lifetime of vehicle ownership.

The scope of the KPIT in SDV programs will include contributions to ADAS, chassis, body electronics, platforms, systems engineering, and vehicle validation. KPIT will globally deploy more than 600 engineers and numerous software and platform IPs to achieve the scale and success of this partnership.

KPIT’s two decades of experience in automotive and mobility software, efficiencies across domains, global scale, and ecosystem of alliance partners, combined with expertise in developing SDV roadmaps for several industry leaders, best equipped them to contribute to the Renault Group’s vision. KPIT’s global footprint, combined with access to a talent pool and robust training programs, will create the requisite scope that the program requires.

Renault SDV production starts from 2026
Renault expects SDV technology programs to drive value into the roadmap for production car programs starting in 2026.

“Our vision is to reimagine mobility with industry leaders like the Renault Group. We are very proud and excited to contribute to the more than 100 years of the Renault Group’s role in shaping the automotive landscape. The Renault Group has attracted consumers globally with its leadership in many markets. The software power of KPIT will unlock electrified, autonomous driving, and connected vehicle experiences that will delight Renault consumers.KPIT will bring broad-based efficiencies, intellectual property, and an ecosystem of partnerships, thereby creating long-term value.We look forward to co-building an industry-leading solution for the industry Cars and Mobility. said Kishore Patel, CEO, KPIT Technologies

“We are delighted to have KPIT on board in our journey towards SDV. Software is the driving force behind the transformation of the automotive industry. KPIT has been recognized as a leading software integration partner globally with multi-domain software competencies, making it a strategic expansion partner for us,” said Thierry Camal, Alliance Global Vice President – Renault Software Factory, Managing Director – Renault Software Labs.

Today KPIT Technologies is a major player in the global automotive, mobility and software-defined vehicle ecosystem with its specialization in embedded software, artificial intelligence and digital solutions. The company has engineering centers in Europe, the United States, Japan, China, Thailand and India.

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