Luther Court Health Center expands its services

Seniors, people with complex needs and those living with mental health and substance abuse conditions can now access more primary care services such as Luther Court Community Health Center (CHC) Hired more health workers in a newly renovated space at 1525 Cedar Hill Cross Rd.

The CHC is designed to serve those who live in Shelbourne, Gordon Head and Oak Bay.

“I would like to commend the Luther Court Society for providing access to high-quality social support and primary care services to people in Victoria who need them most,” said Adrian Dix, Minister for Health. “The new healthcare center expands the availability of excellent services to the community, as more healthcare providers join the team.”

Luther Court CHC is part of the Victorian Primary Care Network and is governed, owned and operated by the Luther Court Society.

“Luther Court Community Health Center has been essential in meeting the ongoing care needs of our community,” said Murray Rankin, MLA of Oak Bay-Gordon Head. “As the team of primary care providers at the Center continues to grow, so will the impact of the work they do to provide integrated care locally.”

Seven full-time health care providers (FTEs) have been recruited to join the existing team, including family physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and a community health coordinator who works to facilitate the health of residents in the area. Luther Court CHC continues to appoint physicians, nurses, mental health and substance abuse physicians, nutritionists and occupational therapists. In addition, four full-time ancillary staff have been hired, including the Director of Primary Health Care.

On March 16, 2022, the CHC opened with a limited capacity. A team including a family physician, nurse practitioner and registered nurses began enrolling patients and offering virtual appointments, while patients who needed in-person care received services in a temporary off-site setting. As of June 30, 2022, and since opening, the CHC has admitted 710 patients, and received 2,732 visits.

Luther Court CHC provides comprehensive services both virtually and in person to people, including the elderly, frail elderly, patients with cancer, those requiring planning and end-of-life care, and those with mental health and addiction challenges. Serves patients with complex care needs with integrated medical care for assessment, treatment, and care management. CHC supports attachment to patients who do not have a primary care provider. Seniors and people with mental health and substance abuse concerns are priority populations.

Prospective patients must register through the Victoria Health Connect registry to be considered for placement with Luther Court CHC. Register Victoria enables patients to register themselves (or on behalf of a family member or person in their care), online or by calling 811 to become associated with a primary care provider.

Services at Luther Court CHC are available to their attached patients Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. When staffing is complete, plans are for Luther Court CHC to extend its hours of operation based on the needs of its clients to increase accessibility.

“I know there have been challenges for people in the greater Victoria area to access health services close to their homes, especially for those in need of regular care,” said Rob Fleming, MLA in Victoria-Swan Lake. Addressing these challenges in Victoria and across the province is critical to fulfilling our commitment to delivering a modern primary care system that responds to the individual needs of people in British Columbia.

CHC Luther Court supports the planning of the Greater Victoria primary care network. It is the fourth community health center in BC and the third announced in Greater Victoria as part of the province’s Primary Care Strategy. Additional Vancouver Island CHCs include Island Sexual Health and Westshore CHC.

quick Facts:

  • To receive care at a CHC, eligible patients need to register through the Health Connect Registry.
  • There are approximately 100 community health centers operated by health authorities and 30 community health centers operated by local communities in British Columbia.

Learn more:

To learn about the county’s primary care strategy, visit:

To learn about the Luther Court Society, visit:

To register to become attached to a primary care provider at Luther Court CHC, visit the Victoria Health Connect registry:
Or call 811 to register.

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