Mercedes believes it can avoid a precedent of decline in Formula 1

For the first time since the introduction of hybrid turbo rules in 2014, Mercedes has failed to win the drivers’ or constructors’ championship this year.

But with F1 history books so often showing that dominant teams can spend years in the doldrums once they are finally beaten, Mercedes knows there is a risk this year’s dip in form may not be a one-off.

However, Wolff says his careful analysis of why other top teams have faded shows Mercedes can escape the fate of others.

He notes that other teams have often suffered because senior staff or drivers have left, or an engine partner has changed.

With Mercedes still retaining the best employees who have led it to recent success, Wolff believes there is no major cause for concern at the moment.

Speaking of stopping the kind of decline faced by other top teams, Wolff said: “Of course, we’re talking about it. We’re analyzing the reasons in the past that teams that dominated an era suddenly lost performance. And you can track that very well.”

“Change the organization; people are leaving a framework that has fundamentally changed. We have the same organization, the same capacity, the same financial funding. And I think we have things in common and we can track it.”

We are aware of all this and the regulations have changed. We got it wrong. But all other pillars remain. And we have to adjust the systems and understand them.”

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13, George Russell, Mercedes W13

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13, George Russell, Mercedes W13

Photo by: Andy Hone / Motorsports Pictures

Wolff believes other teams have taken so long to recover because they have needed to make fundamental changes to their organisations – something he believes Mercedes do not have to do.

But he also realizes that things can move quickly if Mercedes finds itself behind.

“You can see that with Ferrari, as an example, I mean they’ve lost the entire top leadership and the main driver,” he said. “I think that’s something you can trace back to.

“With Red Bull, the basic situation was that the power unit regulations were turned upside down and there was basically no business deal. So the basic parameters were changed.

But we look at that and think: we better be careful. We better be careful because the season has gone by quickly. And we can’t let that happen, looking back after the next season and the season after.”

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