Religious affiliation goes up with education

Conventional wisdom assumes that education is a secular factor, so the more educated a person is, the less likely they are to belong to a religion. But the researchers found the opposite. Somewhat.

The largest demographic for nons – that is, those without a religious affiliation – are people who did not graduate from high school, and 32% of them said they had no religion. The percentage among high school graduates is 28%. Among those who have completed four years of college, the percentage is 24%. Among those with a master’s degree, the percentage drops to 20%. The number goes up slightly for those who earn a doctorate, going back to the undergraduate level at 24%.

This is more evidence of what I’ve been saying for a long time, that most of the unvaccinated are not found in the young professionals targeted by most church growth programs but in the working class and among the poor. Have you ever seen books or missionary materials aimed at these people? Yet, paradoxically, it is easier to reach than the higher-ranking demographics that religious groups seem most concerned about.

This is confirmed by another aspect of the research. Among those whose education ended in high school or less, 56% believe in God “without a doubt,” while 16% said they believe despite sometimes doubting and 4% believe
“sometimes.” This amounts to 76% of the less educated believe in God, while only 7% say they are atheists. (The other options were to “believe in a higher power” [11%]and “there is no way of knowing” [6%].)

For college graduates, 42% are sure there is a God, 16% believe skeptically, 5% believe sometimes for a total of 73%, and 8% are atheists.

For those who graduated from school, 38% believe in God, 17% believe skeptically, 6% believe sometimes, for a total of 61%, and 10% are atheists.

Thus, the demographic that is most likely to be uninhibited is also the most likely to believe in God, in fact, have a strong belief in God! The college-educated demographic, while more likely to be a member of the church, has the weakest belief in God!

So it seems to be my religion belief It does not decrease with education. In this, the conventional wisdom is correct. But my religion belonging– Any membership in a church or equivalent – go above with education.

Could it be that the secularization of society is not due to external forces as much as it is due to the secularization of churches?

Illustration by JacobCardel, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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