The new version of Plantalyzer Vision is more than 99% accurate

HortiKey said it has improved the capabilities of the Plantalyzer Vision software. The results were higher accuracy and higher consistency in detecting tomatoes, according to the company. New version comes with additional data: truss counting feature. All existing operating systems will be updated with the latest Plantalyzer Vision software and replaced with a new computer.

Deep learning algorithm for tomato detection
After the first release in 2019, the development team has started working on the next generation of Plantalyzer Vision software. They upgraded the software with a deep learning algorithm for tomato detection. The challenge was getting the software and hardware fast enough to run the proper lap times. The result is an excellent solution with powerful image analysis capabilities. During publication, the system is able to analyze a huge amount of images, and as a result, the results are available immediately after publication.

99% more accuracy
Plantalyzer Vision results are an input for crop estimation. Therefore significant validation is done to interpret the data. Our validation result for tomato detection in TOVs is an incredible accuracy of 99,7%. Verification of a second data set of other diverse TOVs from a different greenhouse confirms an accuracy of more than 99%. The new Plantalyzer Vision software provides a very excellent basis for qualitative results for yield prediction!

Extension with counting truss
The deep learning algorithm for tomato detection also offers new possibilities. The first result is to extend the program with the truss counting feature. It improves the bottom line because now the truss is actually calculated on the robot instead of being calculated on the dashboard.

Operating systems will be updated
A deep learning algorithm and truss counting are integrated into the Plantalyzer Vision software. While the new version requires more graphics processing performance, all operating systems will be installed on a new computer. All systems will be updated with the new Plantalyzer Vision software release.

Data analytics
Plant analyzers have been on the market for the third year now. All source data, including all raw images, have been saved for this year’s entire planting season. This unique dataset opens up new opportunities for the development team to work on data analytics and simulations to gain new insights independent of operational use.

Ready for other types of tomatoes
Besides the improved performance, the new Plantalyzer Vision is poised to be even more applicable to other tomato varieties. The Vision program for other tomato varieties is currently being validated in practice in several greenhouse growers on the market. Andreas Hofland, HortiKey General Manager: “The new Plantalyzer Vision software is a huge leap in Plantalyzer performance, and we are very excited to bring it to market.”

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