West Holmes buys farmland adjacent to a high school

Lakeville Elementary School Principal Rick Mullins commends Brielle Babb-Traub (from left) and Courtney Doering for achieving perfect results on state test math exams, and Annie Snyder on her second farm tour poster.  Asher Anderson achieved a perfect score, but it wasn't filmed.

LAKEVILLE – With an eye on the future, the local West Holmes County Board of Education has approved the purchase of 55 acres adjacent to high school land along State Routes 39 and 754 in Monroe Township.

Board member Eric Strauss stated that former West Holmes principal Gary Gehm attempted to purchase the same property in 1997 when the new high school was being built.

“Before we built the new high school, Mr. Gehm made an effort to try and buy the land we’re buying today,” said Strouss. “It gave us an opportunity to put a second route from the 754 at the school to relieve some of the traffic pressure in front of the school. It gives that opportunity again.”

The property was purchased for $25,000 per acre, for a total of $1.377 million.

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