2022 College Football Play – Follow Joe Schoen, games, and players in Rivalry Week

Good morning New York Giants fans!

It’s competition week! A very happy Saturday and welcome to one of the craziest days in sports. This weekend is the final week of pre-scheduled games, the week that schedule makers keep for college football’s biggest rivalries to play on the field.

This is a week full of matches between teams who are not only familiar with each other, but often have a genuine animosity. That means anyone can win, upsets are likely to happen — and we could still see more seismic shifts in the college football landscape ahead of Championship Weekend.

Rivalry Weekend isn’t always predictable, and it has the potential to produce some pretty memorable plays and games. Many of these games will likely become frequent fodder for Scouts over the course of the draft process.

So which games should we highlight?

Watch Schoen!

Dave Matter, who writes about Missouri for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that both Giants GM Joe Schoen and personnel director Dennis Hickey were in attendance For the Friday game between Missouri and Arkansas (Mizzou came out on top, 29-27).

We’ve tried hanging a lantern any time Schwinn showed up on a college expedition.

I highlighted Arkansas a couple of weeks ago (in their Week 11 game against LSU), and the Razorbacks have a few players who could potentially interest the Giants. Center Ricky Strombeg was probably one of the first (if not the first) centers drafted in April, and guard Beaux Limmer is athletic and versatile. Both are technically sound and very experienced against some of the best competition colleges have to offer.

Schoen also cast Junior QB Jefferson, a big, strong passer in his sophomore year as a starter. Jefferson has an intriguing physique at 6-foot-3, and he looks every ounce of 240 pounds – seriously looking more like old-school MIKE in the middle – with a strong arm and impressive athleticism for his size. Jefferson will likely need time and development to realize his potential.

Unfortunately, All-American safety Jalen Catalon missed the game after suffering a shoulder injury that required surgery, as did bumper linebacker Paul.

Mizzou has a couple of interesting prospects with the potential to be valuable players – or even starters – on the defensive side of the ball as well.

EDGE Isaiah McGuire had a great season a year ago and offers the kind of versatility at 6-foot-4, 270 pounds that could fit nicely into the Giants’ multiple defensive forward rotation. CB Chris Abrams-Drain is a very interesting defensive back who has only played cornerback for a short while. A converted receiver, Abrams-Draine has the athleticism to play man coverage as well as the area, but he’s still early in his development. It’s a little built in, which might keep it in the slot on the next level. However, he can be a dangerous player if he develops enough as a corner to put his wide receiver skills into the catch. Abrams-Draine also offers the upside as a running back.

fox – noon

A confrontation between the second and third ranked teams in the country just before the end of the week? And with the potential to make a force out of the college football playoffs?

Yes, we should start with this match to shed light on Saturday’s events. It’s basically a regular playoff.

We’ve been talking about both teams all season, and they’ve been ranked where they are for a reason. Both teams have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball and there will be a host of future NFL players on the field.

Obviously, everyone will be focusing on OSU QB CJ Stroud. He’s the favorite to be the first quarterback to be drafted, and he’ll have a huge impact on how the draft board is made up. But there are other players worth watching as well.

Michigan receiver Cornelius Johnson is a big receiver with the potential to be a good value on the second day. Similarly, cornerback DJ Turner has an uptrend in the man charts and could find himself on day two.

The defensive line was, and still is, the strength of the Giants’ defense. Michigan nose tackle Mazie Smith is an absolute sports freak who can be intimidating alongside Dexter Lawrence. OSU EDGE Zach Harrison has great size and height, and could be a potential 5-7 hybrid style for the Giants’ multiple defense.

This is one of those games where the best strategy is probably to just watch and enjoy the game. There will be plenty of time to go back to tape and see individual players over the next five months.

ABC – 3:30 p.m

The 2023 quarterback was choppy and punters searched high and low for passers to fill out the depth chart behind CJ Stroud and Bryce Young.

Will Levis is widely considered the “QB 3,” even though he hasn’t made the step many had hoped he would. Otherwise, Anthony Richardson is still more potential than productive and Tyler van Dijk has missed much of the season with a shoulder injury and will be well served by staying in school. Spencer Rattler disappeared from the national stage — until an absurd 30-37, 438-yard, 6-touchdown night against Tennessee last week. And speaking of Tennessee, the Hendon Hooker (a great season we’ve talked about a lot over the past six weeks or so) tore up the ACL.

So could all of this open the door for Oregon QB Bow Nix to enter the conversation? The Knicks are athletic, have a strong arm talent, and have been playing great since becoming a champion QB. On the other hand, Nix is ​​also fighting an uphill battle to dispel the cloud that fell on him at Auburn. Nix started as a first-year freshman in the SEC in 2019, but was unable to build on that over the next two years and appeared to be dragged down by general dysfunction at Auburn during that time.

But at Oregon, the Knicks managed to capitalize on the potential they showed at Auburn. He broke career highs in completion percentage (72.4), receiving yards (3,062), yards per attempt (9.1), and touchdown to interception ratio (25:6).

There will be plenty of other players to watch in this game. Redshirt sophomore Christian Gonzalez is sure to appeal to Wink Martindale, as will LB Noah Sewell. But no gamer can benefit from a game as good as the Knicks.

ABC – 7:30 p.m

Our rush game looks like another great one and one of the biggest rivalries in college (or professional) sports.

We just talked about USC last week, and the player to watch is WR Jordan Addison. Addison has emerged as the best receiver in this year’s draft class. He’s once again healthy and totally dominated UCLA until he hit 11 catches for 178 yards and a touchdown last week. The Biletnikof Prize semi-finalist has a simple structure, but it’s fast, turbulent, fast and technical on the track.

Notre Dame tight end Michael Meyer is the big name on the Irish side of things, but safety Brandon Joseph (likely to play) might be more interesting for the Giants. Obviously, they could stand to add another tight end, but Joseph has been a ballhawk his entire college career, and we know how much Wink Martindale loves DBs.

Giants fans might also want to keep an eye out for iOL Jarrett Patterson. Patterson was recruited as a tackle but found his home inside at center. He can probably play guard as well as center at the next level, and he’s got enough strength and physique – plus a high footballing IQ – to play in a variety of schemes.

Other games to watch

  • South Carolina at (8) Clemson – ABC, N
  • (25) Louisville, Kentucky — SEC Network, 3 p.m
  • Auburn at (7) Alabama CBS, 3:30 p.m
  • Iowa in 4) TCU Fox, 4 p.m
  • Pittsburgh in Miami ACC Network – 8 p.m

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