Bill Belichick isn’t a fan of a reporter’s question after the Patriots’ loss

The Patriots33-26 loss at Vikings Thursday night did not come without a fair amount of controversy. The two teams traded scores throughout the third quarter, but New England’s final goal appeared to end in a touchdown pass to a tight end. Hunter Henrybefore being controversially overturned upon review.

On third down and goal from the Minnesota six-yard line, Mack Jones found Henry on the goal line. The tight end seemed to extend the ball over the score line, before bouncing on it after it hit the ground and rolled. At first glance, it looked like an obvious score as Henry broke the plane. The review showed that the ball hit the turf as Henry reached the ground before the tight end lost control, and it was enough for the referees to reverse the touchdown, leaving New England to kick a field goal to go up 26-23. The Vikings would tie the game with a field goal on the next drive, and scored the go-ahead on their next drive, which proved to be the game-winner.

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