Electrify America Releases Spoof Ad Series: “As Seen on the EV”

Electrify America has launched a hilarious new ad series to spark interest in electric vehicles called “As Seen on EV.”

Despite the many advantages that electric cars have over their gas and diesel counterparts, the vast majority of Americans are still not aware of them. Electrify America hopes to inform more consumers of these benefits in a new ad series called “As Seen on EV.” In each ad, they highlight the perk of owning an electric car in a satirical cross-section on Netflix.

In the company’s press release, Electrify America (EA) states, “Modeled after popular TV broadcast content, ‘As Seen on EV’ aims to educate about common misconceptions about EV ownership and conversion such as driving range and charging by highlighting On the positive facts of living with an EV.” So far, EA has posted three 15-second segments with the Ford F150 Lighting, BMW iX, and Genesis GV60.

Surveys have indicated that Americans are generally unaware of a few key factors; charging availability, the safety and reliability of electric vehicles compared to ICE counterparts, and the availability of new features not available in gas-powered vehicles; Self-driving, added cargo space, “call” capabilities, etc. It should be noted that these are the exact issues that EA covers in the first videos of its new series.

While EA’s short ads will likely help address a lack of information for many Americans, it’s unclear what would be necessary to win over a majority audience. Even now, with acceptance of electric vehicles reaching new highs in the United States, new car purchases continue to be dominated by gas and hybrid options instead. Hopefully, as electric vehicles and their supporting technologies become more widespread and visible in people’s daily lives, their popularity will grow faster than the rate at which it is today.

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Electrify America Releases Spoof Ad Series: “As Seen on the EV”

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