Hunt Real Estate Grand Island High School is partnering to support the Neighbors Foundation

Rebecca Simpson of Hunt Real Estate;  Chris Simpson, business teacher at Grand Island High School;  and Hector Lopez, also of Hunt Real Estate, showing the growing array of food items that will be donated to the Neighbors Foundation.

Rebecca Simpson of Hunt Real Estate; Chris Simpson, business teacher at Grand Island High School; and Hector Lopez, also of Hunt Real Estate, showing the growing array of food items that will be donated to the Neighbors Foundation.

Saturday, November 26, 2022 07:00 AM

Story and photos by Alice Gerrard

The seasons of our lives change as easily as the weather. Rebecca Simpson said: Sometimes, we need help, and other times, it’s our turn to help.

On November 12, at a food drive held at Hunt Real Estate in conjunction with Grand Island High School, Robin Gibson, who came to donate, spoke about the season of her life. She explained, “A long time ago, when our children were young, the blessings we received from the Neighbors Foundation. Now, this (her donation) is just giving back the generosity they have given us.”

“Grand Island has been our community for years. We moved away for a few years, and just came back. So, it’s the first opportunity I had to give back to the Neighbors Foundation.”

Rebecca, the real estate agent who works for Hunt Real Estate, said she organized the food drive because “Hunt Real Estate is part of the community. We live here. We work here. We want to help in any way we can. The past two years have been very successful, helping those in need.” .

“I do it because I feel so happy to be able to help someone. And if I’m in a situation where I need some help of any kind, I hope the good people in my community will help me. It’s just one little thing that makes me feel really good.”

“Our school does so many things for the community now,” said Chris Simpson, who teaches business at Grand Island High School.

Chris has added school groups involved in community service that include the DECA Group, the National Finance Academy, and the Yearbook Club. Plus, “We have a class that does a lot of community service. We’ve done Make-A-Wish. We’ve done Teachers of America, the Lupus Foundation, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and Relay for Life. Since my wife is one of the real estate agents in Hunt’s office, she was a good match. So, we got some donations from the school and from the yearbook club as well to help her with deliveries and deliveries.”

Hector Lopez, who has been a real estate salesperson with Hunt Real Estate for the past two months, said, “It’s amazing to feel part of a community and get to interact with people in that way. It goes beyond real estate and selling homes. It’s connecting with people. So, on Anyway, you connect with people, it’s great.”

Emma Hawk, also a real estate salesperson with Hunt Real Estate, said, “I’m passionate about (the food drive). It’s nice to get out in the community and help out, especially around the holidays. It’s important to me, especially with him being from Buffalo. We’re all We are in this together, so I think it’s important that we come together as a community.”

Rebecca Simpson receives a donation sent via Venmo from Robin Gibson, who said she’s grateful to give back to the Neighbors Foundation.


Dave Conboy, president of the Grand Island Neighbors Foundation, said the needs in the community were greater this year than in years past.

“We are in the highest demand for our services ever,” he said. “We’re going to help all the islanders. We’re going to help those in need. It’s a difficult situation for everyone. They’re trying to make ends meet, and we’re trying to increase the amount we can give to people in need. We’re only able to do that through the generosity of the people of the Big Island. Soaked in a good way Rebecca’s generosity, by Hunt Real Estate, by Others.Grand Islanders are not only good neighbors in general, but especially good neighbors to those who are less fortunate or find themselves in need, like, from time to time, we all are in need.

“We are available to people who need help, so they can contact us; but also, we are available to people who want to donate, whether it’s canned goods or cash or something else. We accept that with gratitude, and I always try to stress that we are all volunteers, So every dollar we get or every canned good we get goes directly and completely to helping people. And so, we feel very fortunate to be able to help the island community, and we are so grateful for the generosity that surrounds us.”

The reasons for the increased demand for the services of the Neighbors Foundation include the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as inflation, which has affected the cost of food.

People who have contributed to the food drive also have the option to enter a basket raffle. The checked out Buffalo Bills basket contained five bottles of Buffalo Bills wine, plus Josh Allen hopping off Shannon Zacharias, owner of Popular Graphics and La Grande Ile at 2055 Baseline Road.

Contributions to the Neighbors Foundation can be made online. The Grand Island Neighbors Foundation website can be found at

“If there is a place for memos, (donors) are very welcome to come forward to the Hunt Real Estate fundraiser or the Hunt Real Estate food drive, if they want to do so,” said Rebecca. You have not set any fundraising goals for the food drive.

Rebecca said, “My level of success is even one donation makes me successful.” “I feel happy and joyful when I give to others.”

Rebecca Simpson, Emma Hawke and Dave Conboy show off non-perishable foods that were donated to the Grand Island Neighbors Foundation.

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