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“Treatment of mental illness has an actual return to the economy. Therefore, we must view mental health coverage as an investment rather than an expenditure,” said Professor Lokwe Atoli, Associate Director and Dean at BMI. Faculty of medicineAnd the East African Aga Khan University.

Whereas the newly signed Mental Health (Amendment) Bill provides that “a person with a mental illness has the right to obtain medical insurance for treatment from public or private health insurance providers.” Clearly, there is a gap between practice and policy.

d said. Nasser OmarAnd the mental health system and Policy Leader, Department of Health.

Insurance that limits mental health conditions includes ordinary life, which has no coverage or extension; group life which commands a higher premium; medical, which gives less benefit; and group personal accidents with potential claim denials and subsidiary limits.

The professor said: “We need to explore other options for ensuring mental health coverage. For example, insurers could start testing excluded mental health coverage and use the data generated after a while to make a more informed decision.” Zul Mirali.

The forum aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of claims solutions for users of psychiatric services and to review the insurance status in relation to mental health services in Kenya. Stakeholders also explored ways to bridge the gap between policy and practice and conducted comparative studies of best practices.

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