Kansas State vs Kansas State Predictions, Odds

Kansas Jayhawks take on Kansas State Wildcats. Take a look at our college football prospects series for Kansas State predictions and selections.

The Kansas State Wildcats have played in the Big 12 Championship before, but not since the renewal of the Big 12 Championship Game. The Big 12 Championship Game debuted in 1996, when Texas knocked Nebraska out of the BCS National Championship, but in 2011, the Big 12 suspended 12 workouts and didn’t revive until 2017. In the 2017 Big 12 Championship Game, TCU—already having earned a spot in the 2022 Big 12 game—played Oklahoma. Texas played Oklahoma the following year. Baylor played Oklahoma in 2019, and Iowa State played Oklahoma in 2020. In 2021, Baylor beat Oklahoma State in the Big 12 championship game. Kansas State has not appeared anywhere in the five years since the Big 12 resumed organizing the conference title game in Arlington. Now, the goal is finally within reach for trainer Chris Kleiman, who continues to achieve more with less in Manhattan, Kan., using his wildcats.

Kansas State is a story of resourcefulness and resilience. The Wildcats have been plagued with injuries this season, especially in the quarterback. However, they overcame those limitations and were a very strong team. They’ve only lost twice in Big 12 competition this year. Once first-place TCU, it was after grabbing an 18-point lead but then watching both quarterbacks get injured against the Frogs. Imagine if Kansas State’s luck wasn’t so bad. This team may already have a spot in the Big 12 title game, and may have a chance to compile more wins this season. However, KSU still has a path to the Big 12 game – winning and facing Kansas – and the Sugar Bowl. This would be an extraordinary achievement for Clement and his players in 2022.

Speaking of massive feats, who would have thought Kansas would play in a bowl game this season? Lance Leipold was a great hire for KU, as many people expected. College football analysts who have followed Leibold on past coaching stops have long been impressed by how well he develops players and plans entire units into positions where they can succeed. Leipold’s proficiency in coaching the Xs and Os has elevated Kansas as a program. With Matt Rule — the former Baylor coach who was sacked by the Carolina Panthers — rumored to be soon to be Nebraska’s coach, Leibold should be safe at Kansas for the foreseeable future. Wisconsin is expected to retain Jim Leonard as the permanent head coach. If Leipold was not going to Nebraska or Wisconsin, he would be staying in Kansas. This is great news for the Jayhawks, who now have a very bright future.

Courtesy of FanDuelHere is Kansas State-Kansas College football odds.

College football odds: Kansas-Kansas State Odds

Kansas Jayhawks: +11.5 (-108)

Kansas State Wildcats: -11.5 (-112)

Over: 62.5 (-110)

Under: 62.5 (-110)

Why can kansas cover spread

The Jayhawks have Lance Leipold, and that’s a big good reason to believe they can find a game plan and route to offense that will neutralize Kansas State’s major strengths in this game.


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Brendan Smith ·

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Why can kansas cover spread

If the Wildcats are playing anywhere near the level of quality they’ve shown in recent weeks – particularly in their dominating win over Baylor – they’ll have no problem with a Kansas team that soared in the first half of the season but dropped to the ground in recent weeks.

The ultimate Kansas-Kansas state prediction and selection

Kansas is a great story, but Kansas State is clearly a better team, playing at home, with more health, with more momentum. Take K-State.

Final prediction for Kansas State – Kansas State and pick: Kansas State -11.5

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