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In the last game of his scouting career, Nick York turned to the kind of performance that had become the norm for the Kingston High midfielder.

York, left, pursues Roosevelt's Kelvin Potter during a game at Dietz Stadium on Friday, Sept. 30, 2022 (Tanya Barrichello/Daily Freeman, File)
Tanya Barrichello

York, left, pursues Roosevelt’s Kelvin Potter during a game at Dietz Stadium on Friday, Sept. 30, 2022 (Tanya Barrichello/Daily Freeman, File)

The Tigers’ tackle machine had 17 tackles in the 28-7 win over Valley Central, including six for losses. It also forced confusion.

Despite opposing offenses routinely throwing two York blockers per game, he finished the season with 120 tackles. Of those, he compiled an impressive 44 tackles for losses, including seven sacks. He also forced four fumbles and bumped a punt.

And though linebackers don’t get their hands on the football much, York showed he could do something with it when he did by returning a kickoff 70 yards for a touchdown against Pine Bush.
York’s dominance on the field was a key factor in the Tigers’ 5-4 record in 2022, the school’s first winning season in 11 years.

For all his accomplishments, York was named Freeman’s Player of the Year for 2022. York is the first Kingston player to win the award since running back Zack Chilcot in 2011.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound York, who also competes for Kingston, said his success began with working hard in practice every day.

“I was going to get a lot of reps in practice,” he said. “It’s just about being aggressive and doing it over and over as hard as you can. I’ve been playing the game for so long I can see openings.”

York also believes that his training in jiu-jitsu and other martial arts helped make him more disciplined.
“When I was doing that as a kid, she pushed me so hard,” he said. “It’s a different strength you need.”

York was pleased to be part of a team that produced such a successful season, although he thought there was potential to qualify for the Division 9 Class AA playoffs. He said the loss to Middletown that ultimately cost the team a playoff spot still hurt.

“It was great to have a winning season and I expect them to do even better next year,” said Yorke. “I think we could have done better, but it is what it is. We have a lot of talented players coming in and they are going to get better.”

Yorke said he was particularly close to defensive coordinator Keith Vanroy.

“I can’t give him enough credit for helping me progress as a fullback and defensive player,” said Yorke. “He gives me the technique and I implement it.”

Yorke, 17, said he would like to take his football career to the next level. He said he was interested in playing for Division III SUNY Cortland.

Vanroy said Yorke’s work ethic was what made him such a special player.

“Everything he did in the game, he made it look easy because he was one of the hardest workers in practice,” said Vanroy.

VanRoy said that by the time the Tigers entered Class AA, the playing teams were on York. But, he added, that made little difference.

“He played faster and more aggressively,” said Vanroy. “That was really the answer to most problems. He read offense better than most people I’ve coached.”

Kingston head coach Quentin Johnson was unsurprised by York’s superior senior campaign.

“I think from the start everybody looked at him and knew he was our leader,” said Johnson. “It’s (Freeman’s Player of the Year) a huge honor for him. He worked so hard for it and I’m really glad I saw it happen.”

Players of the Year Freeman

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