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Letter to the Editor: Brian Pratt is the right leader who fights for education

Posted at 8:00 am on Saturday, November 26, 2022

Dear Editor,

For many issues, election season is already over. However, the future of the local public schools in Vicksburg is at stake on November 29.

This run-off election gives us the opportunity to have a say in who we want to represent us. We owe it to our youth and community to make our voices heard this Tuesday and elect a candidate who can find innovative ways to improve our schools and deliver programs to meet the needs of all children.

Brian Pratt is the best leader who fights for education. I have known Brian personally and professionally for over 30 years. What you may not know about Brian is that his passion is helping young people in our community. He understands that our children are the key to what our society will be like in the future. In addition, his educational background shows his commitment to the appreciation of education. As a devoted Christian, his values ​​align with supporting all children in the community who are facing various challenges such as being left behind due to COVID-19, language barriers, or learning difficulties. Brian plans to continue and improve upon his previous work to improve school safety, implement more business opportunities, provide better early education and support our at-risk youth.

Brian understands that education for every child looks different and supports finding the best path for each child to the highest quality of life.

If you visit the Parents Campaign website, you can see that he has the education, knowledge, experience and experience to be our school board secretary.

Here are some of the initiatives he supported during his tenure:

– Expansion of the Commander’s area in B.I

Successful launch of River City Early College Program

Expansion of the STEM innovation school for grades 7 to 8

– Establishment of vocational academies at WCHS and VHS

Expanding our Pre-K program so that no family in Warren County who wants to enroll their child in Pre-K will be denied

Developing our technological resources so that every student and teacher has a device to use.

These initiatives (along with a lot of work on the part of the board, supervisors, teachers, students, and families) are paying off. The four-year graduation rate at VWSD is the highest in 30 years at 89%. Since 2019, our students have taken the lead in their careers and have collectively earned 21,063 free college credits. This has saved families in our community over $16 million in tuition and college costs. In addition, 80 of our alumni earned their associate’s degree at the same time they earned their high school diploma.

I hope you will join me and the many others who enthusiastically support Brian Pratt as School Board Secretary. Brian is the right person to continue moving our schools in a positive direction.


Shelly Tingle

Vicksburg, Miss.

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