Marvel’s Midnight Suns producer references mental health issues in the game’s story

With just under a week left before the launch of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, members of the development team have gathered for a short trailer, to give an overview of what the different team members are most looking forward to seeing players interact with. Responses from team members varied, from trusting the combat visuals to anticipating game-breaking character formations that the developers hadn’t seen.

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One team member, however, about how the story tackles the sensitive topic of mental health issues is something that wasn’t discussed much in the months leading up to the game’s release. After a brief introduction by Creative Director Jack Solomon and Senior Franchise Producer Garth DeAngelis, the interview excerpt begins with a heavy topic, as producer Ronnie Kahane delves into the game’s rendition of mental health themes – a topic that never really popped up among audiences. Media sharing about individual heroes’ abilities and abilities.


Kahane expressed her contentment within the writing team, saying, “I think my favorite part of the development process was being able to work with our talented team of writers and being able to write dialogues about impostor syndrome or being able to deal with mental health issues. Like dealing with childhood trauma.” .

The team at Firaxis Games, along with Producer 2K, have been particularly transparent with information about the upcoming title at a time when much gaming news has been the result of unauthorized leaks. The developers have put out at least one informational video since the official trailer was released in June, and in the case of single hero shows like vampire hunter Blade, sometimes two official videos have dropped in the same week. However, most of the material focused on potential cards, powers, and strategies, and not much was said about the kind of story the strategic warrior would have.

But it’s clearly going to be quite the story involved, as lead engineer Will Miller revealed just after Kahane’s debut that the dialogue system will include roughly 65,000 lines of audio spread over “more branching options than you can imagine.” For perspective, there are roughly 5,000 more voice lines than RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skryrim, according to a video released last month by its developer Bethesda Softworks. In addition, Miller said we can expect more than two hours of cutscenes scattered across branching paths that, pieced together, are longer than many films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Have fun,” said production assistant Brian Stansbury. “It’s going to take a lot of time. It’s hard to get away from it.”

We’ll find out more about the results of the creative team’s work on Marvel’s Midnight Suns story when it debuts December 2nd on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S and PC via Steam. A 2023 release is planned for Nintendo Switch.

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