Michigan State basketball leads Oregon, 74-70, 85 PK: 3 snapshots

Tyson Walker scored 18 points Friday night, along with Joey Hauser, to lead the Spartans in a win over Oregon.

1. This was a huge win for MSU. Shaky at times. But there is no apology. This was required.

Portland, OR. The Spartans were looking for something, anything, anyone to get them going Friday night against Oregon. They’ve found it in a lineup of Tyson Walker, Trey Holloman, Pierre Brooks, Joey Hauser, and Jackson Koehler.

They regained some chemistry and bonding, as Tom Izzo later described it—two things that made the Michigan State team so much better than he could have expected at the start of the season.

That set produced a 14-0 MSU lead in the final four minutes of the first half that changed the Spartans’ night, the championship and possibly the complexion of their non-conference record. And this run was not accidental. Five consecutive stops. Six straight auxiliary hoppers. Four of those pass by Walker. Brooks, Hauser, Koehler and Walker all scored during the race. Shots started falling, defense got better and body language improved.

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