Portman, King, and Brown are introducing a bipartisan bill to ensure that students are not forced to choose between housing and education

The bill would update existing rules to ensure that students who are facing difficulties obtain affordable housing while pursuing education

November 23, 2022


Press statements

Washington, DC US Senators Rob Portman (R-OH), Angus King (I-ME) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) have introduced bipartisan legislation to ensure that students are not forced to choose between housing or pursuing education. The Homeless Student Housing Act It will update existing law to ensure that students, including veterans, who have experienced homelessness or are currently homeless, have affordable housing while they pursue their education. The legislation would also benefit young people who are aging out of foster homes and who experience higher rates of homelessness and unemployment.

Currently, individuals pursuing full-time education are not eligible for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program and could lose access to scholarships and grants if they switch to part-time education in order to retain access to affordable housing.

“Students do not have to choose between stable housing and attending school full time,” He said Senator Portman. This legislation will provide low-income students with access to affordable housing while they attend school. With secure housing, we can help ensure that they are able to focus on their education, graduation and fulfilling their God-given potential.”

“It should go without saying – no one should have to choose between getting an education or keeping a roof over their head,” said Senator King. “Our youth and veterans pursuing higher education are here to improve their lives and invest in their futures, and it is utterly unfair that they lose federal housing support because they are investing their time and energy in pursuing a college degree. The Homeless Student Housing Act is a necessary, logical, and bipartisan step to right this wrong and ensure that Young Americans and veterans have equal opportunities to grow, learn, and succeed.”

Students and veterans who have experienced homelessness should not be forced to choose between pursuing an education and obtaining affordable housing. Senator Brown said. “I am proud to be working with Sensei King and Portman on the Homeless Student Housing Act to ensure that the Housing Tax Credit works for students who invest in their futures.”

The LIHTC program provides tax incentives to developers who build or rehabilitate affordable housing units. Currently, the program does not allow tenants who are enrolled in the program to be full-time students. If students are pursuing a part-time education, they risk losing scholarships and grants that are only available to full-time students. The original intent of the rule was to temporarily prevent LIHTC funding from being used to build housing for low-income students at the expense of low-income families with long-term needs. However, the current law does not provide for an exception for students who are homeless or who were previously homeless.

The Homeless Student Housing Act It may also benefit homeless veterans and youth who age outside of foster care and often experience higher rates of homelessness and unemployment.


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