Beauty Diaries: Four must-have products at the chemist’s warehouse revealed

Getting value for money has never been so important now.

As we struggle through the cost of living crisis, many of us are aware of what we’re spending.

Fortunately, cosmetics brands have been offering affordable options in staples for a while, with drugstore and supermarket shelves stacked with a plethora of budget skincare and makeup products.

Chemist Warehouse has mastered this particularly well, giving customers access to a range of potent ingredients that won’t hurt on the checkout.

With soaring rent prices, exorbitant grocery bills and a sharp increase in what I pay for utilities, I’ve been heading to the drugstore more than ever in an effort to keep costs down.

If you’ve never been inside an alchemy warehouse before, the first time you enter it can be a bit confusing. The shelves go from floor to ceiling and are covered in neon yellow price tags vying for your attention.

But here are four cheap but adorable items I bought from the yellow and blue shop located all over Australia that I know you’ll love – including a magical find that almost always sells out. But if you see it in stock, believe me, you’ll want to get it.

Schwarzkopf got2b farewell flights

Price: $17.99

I’ve always struggled with baby hair, but with my hair still growing back after contracting Covid (which can cause your body to temporarily speed up the natural shedding process) I have more annoying fly-aways than ever. But this stick is awesome. It regrows my hair down to give me a smooth finish and holds hair in place all day long. I use it often whenever I wear my locks in a high ponytail and it’s never let me down—and best of all, it’s $7 cheaper than the previous brand I’ve been buying. the win!

CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser

Price: $17.39

You could easily spend over $80 on a bougie cleanser, but skin experts have been saying since the end of time that it’s the only place you can cut back on your skin care spending. I love this product because its formula is so gentle, which makes it suitable for just about everyone, but it’s also moisturizing and non-drying. I find that the oil helps remove my makeup easily and i love that it is unscented too. No wonder so many dermatologists recommend CeraVe.

MineTan Violet Self Tan Foam

Price: $22.99

I’m pretty fussy with fake tan, and have struggled to find a “quick” version that actually works in the time frame it claims. However, these things are very effective. In just an hour, it gives a beautiful natural glow – while you sleep in it and wash it off the next day it gives you a deep tan that lasts all week. Fair warning, it does transfer to your sheets, but it faded when I threw my linen in a 30 degree spin.

Bobbi Tip Stas Bronzer

Price: $19.99

It may be a famous beauty collaboration (which we all know isn’t usually good), but this product is so good you won’t realize it has Kylie Jenner’s best mate attached to it. It’s basically a body bronzer in a much larger pan than the versions we all have in our beauty drawers. Since it’s larger—you can also buy an XL brush for $22.99 and it’s super soft—it can be applied more easily to your legs, chest, and arms than the regular stuff. It was a godsend during juvenile season when I didn’t get a chance to tan properly beforehand, as I could just brush it all over my bare legs and get a gorgeous glow. I also love the subtle shimmer it must have – so pretty.

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