Captain America’s Outer Circle is similar to the game ‘Secret Empire’

The last issues of Captain America She portrayed the Winter Soldier (aka Bucky Barnes) cheating on Steve Rogers. Barnes shoots and kills the Outer Circle Revolution, before confronting Rogers in a brutal fight, then joins the group as their new Revolution. The Captain felt completely broken, while Barnes simply wanted to destroy the evil community from within.

Now, he finds that easier said than done since the group has security lockers for him. No matter what, Bucky has to play the game and help them manipulate the world. Well, like Captain America and the Winter Special Soldier #1 (by Jackson Lanzing, Colin Kelly, Kev Walker, JP Meyer, VC’s Joe Caramanía, and KJ Diaz) Demonstrates in the moment, Bucky’s back faces the wall as the outer circle anticipates every move, darting aggressively and proactively like Secret Empire The villainous Captain America ran in 2016.

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Marvel’s secret empire has remade the world

Marvel Avengers Secret Empires Captain America

without a doubt, Secret empire It was one of Marvel’s most controversial arcs. Led by Nick Spencer, it focuses on the Red Skull who is manipulating a sentient cosmic cube named Kobik to rewrite history. This spawned an alternate reality where Steve was a spy for Hydra, who helped the group take control of America and put in place the order he felt the planet needed.

Rogers saw himself as a hero, and used the mantle and armor of the Sentinel of Freedom to spread the movement across the world, recruiting the likes of the Punisher, while killing heroes like Rick Jones and the Black Widow. It was a frightening event, as many hated how the hero’s image was tainted by what was considered a Nazi-fascist light. However, newly dubbed “Hydra Cap” wasn’t a full-blooded dictator, having the likes of Zemo and Madame Hydra help out, all before they were fortunately stopped and reality reset.

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The Winter Soldier’s outer circle is another evil empire

Bucky Barnes is in the outer circle as revolution

The Outer Circle has a Hydra vibe, blended with the Illuminati, as they control economics, politics, the arts, online trends and around the entire core of the world – including how heroes and villains influence them. That’s why, in this one shot, Bucky is petrified by her reach. He knows that they manipulated his history, as well as Steve’s, and made weapons out of them, but he can’t comprehend the extent of their grip on reality in the present. This is why he’s walking down the aisle, quickly playing Steve and Sharon in an attempt to gain a modicum of trust from his peers. In the process, like the Revolution, he has a degree of power and the ability to remake the world.

This is why he hires Peggy Carter, as his black widow of sorts, where he has to destabilize things and lay the chessboard however he sees fit to rage against this machine. Even in the midst of a degree of self-righteousness, Barnes comes off as Hydra Cap, but is less confident in his “team”. In a sense, they are a secret empire themselves, filled with plenty of in-fighting and turmoil that is sure to boil over eventually.

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